5 Vegetarian Lunchbox Ideas to pack in your PlanetBox this summer!

hi guys it’s melissa here from little kosher lunch and it’s July and we’re doing lots of lunch packing for summer camp I’ve heard from some of you that you’re looking for more vegetarian ideas thank you for the suggestion Daisy Ann so in today’s video I’ve cut together five different lunches from last week […]


Hey everyone it’s Melissa here and I’ve had a lot of requests to do a baking episode using my Extreme Banana Nut Bread recipe this is obviously not my own recipe so I can’t take credit I will link the recipe down in the description box below for you but this is the end all […]

5 Budget Tips for Hosting a Holiday Luncheon + $27 Ralph’s Grocery Haul (all sale items)

hi everyone its melissa here today as you can see i’m expecting company for a holiday luncheon my husband has a friend from out of town visiting us here in los angeles i’m doing a very simple lunch today on a budget as a bonus if you want to stick around I just hoofed it […]

Summer Camp Lunches 2019 – Summer Lunch Inspiration in a PlanetBox Rover (Cheder at Home Shoutout!)

hey everyone it's melissa here from little kosher lunch and it's summertime hana over at header at home another mommy youtuber who I really love she recently did an unschooling in the summer video and it really got me thinking about how I've been feeling about the summer and how I've wanted to just sort […]