Ow Oh my god, are you kidding me? Well guys, it looks like I’m finally where I belong as a woman, the kitchen. Oh my god I can’t start my video like that, that’s literally the– a God awful joke from 2002. Mm. Oh, hey guys Welcome to my kitchen. Welcome to my kitchen If […]

Spicy Hot Wing Challenge! ft. Nick Colletti and Casey Frey | Cooking with Marshmello

Good morning, Marshmello! Are you inviting some of your friends over for today’s episode? Who’s it going to be? Derek Fisher, Paula Abdul, Zac Efron. It’s your pals Casey Frey and Nick Colletti! Welcome, guys! How do you all feel about a hot wings eating contest today? Great! For our spicy chicken wings We’ll need […]

Cooking With Twinkies!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of BrutalFoods. As you can tell by the title of this video, along with my elaborate snack cake costume, today we’re going to be doing something fun, because today we are cooking with Twinkies. Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Twinkie the Kid: This is […]

Donnie Baker Finally Meats Trailer Trash Tammy! REACTION!!!

what's goodbye polar bears welcome back to the bipolar Network my name is Adams my beautiful wife Miss Katrina and we have something I don't even know what to expect with this one but we're big fans of Donnie Baker and my wife is big fans of trailer-trash Tammy so if you guys are go […]



we knew you so guys today we are at house of chimney cakes here in Anaheim California check this out they got all these good delights some desserts today we got the watch a monster and then we have the technical birthday cake right here so they specialize and chimney cakes right here they're kind […]

10 गांव की एक मार्केट – Village Market Fast Food | Indian Village Street Food | Krishna Vlogs

Trying Filipino Desserts for the First Time | Ube, Cassava, Leche Flan and more!

hey guys it's Billy welcome back to my channel hey today I am and I am trying Filipino desserts yes I'm so excited I got so many of you guys who recommended this and I'm like duh I have a sweet tooth are you kidding me um and so it's like late at night it's […]

Jamaica vs Haiti : Dessert

who's mad cause Vanilla Fudge and it's always coming something like this like they trying to show you so but it's always always always good hi tribe welcome back I'm Mel and this is Rick and we're here with another installment but this time Jamaica versus Haiti desserts so I know in the past we […]

PANEER BIRYANI Eating Challenge || Food Challenge India || Eating Show

[Applause] we are doing show I still challenge with a phony billion I'm Ronnie teach our plate for opinions attractive are you telling us to partner Ramu I'm not a partner or a new partner double intelligent super cheap binky Cara winner void let's start 3 2 1 [Applause] I feel we know each other […]