I Surprised My Friend With A Giant 12-Pound Taco • Giant Food Time

Can Timothy DeLaGhetto & Chia Habte Tell the Difference Between Fast Food Burgers? || Down the Hatch

– Y’all are really trying to just bamboozle us out here. – There’s really nothing on this? Who makes burgers like this? – Nobody! That’s what I’m saying they’re (bleep) with us, man. – Are you guys messing with us? – What’s up, guys? Timothy DeLaGhetto here. – I’m Chia Habte, his wife. – My […]

Ultimate New Orleans Food Challenge | Game Changers


Hello youtubers and welcome to clean-living clara the best vlogger on the internet quote well from me actually today we’re doing um, a food challenge you know you eat stuff that’s awful and that’s… that’s fun I mean I don’t know God knows I need some subscribers so … Toby! Pass me the bag! I’m […]

I Challenged My Friend To Finish A 76-Ounce Steak • Giant Food Time

Last To STOP Eating Their Colored Food Challenge! | Matt and Rebecca

– What if Norris Nuts has a clue for us? – [Matt] Swedish fish. – No? – No. – [Rebecca] No. – What if this all has to do with the red hood? – Welcome back to the Matt and Rebecca Channel. Right now we’re trying to figure out why we have these three bags […]

Real Food vs. Gummy Food!

Hey guys, it’s Rachel and– Gina. She has a YouTube channel called BG versus GF. You should subscribe. Thank you. Aw, and today we are doing the real food versus gummy food challenge. Which you guys told us to do on Twitter. Thank you. Follow us on Twitter, if you’re not already. Hint, hint, nudge, […]

I Only Ate Yellow Foods For 24 Hours

hey guys what’s up it’s Inka and for the next 24 hours I will only be eating yellow food last time I did only purple foods for 24 hours it turned out better than expected so I’ve asked you guys what color you wanted me to do NYX based on the comments I got I […]

Krisch’s Kitchen Sink Ice Cream Sundae Challenge!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of FoodChallenges.com. Still on my road to 200 food challenge wins. I’m in Massapequa, New York on Long Island at Krisch’s taking on their Kitchen Sink Sundae Challenge! This thing as you can see is served in an actual sink! […]

Moscow, Russia – Street Food, Weird Restaurants & Cold War Bunkers | Furious Pete World Tour

[Music] [Music] what’s going on everybody welcome to another world tour episode this time could you tell where we are we are in Moscow we are in Russia and you guys are in for a treat let’s start the show Moscow has lots of surprises including this a streetcar with a restaurant on top so […]