Surf and Turf with Dad Chef Alton McCrea | DADS THAT COOK

(soft blues music) – Hey it’s Jason with Dads That Cook, we’re hanging out with Alton McCray today. – Hey, what’s going on everyone? – All right so, Alton, people don’t know who you are. – I come from a small town called Andrews, South Carolina. I’m a Southerner and I’m here in California now […]

Easy Chicken Casserole with a Crispy Fried Onion Flavored Topping – Easy Low Carb Dinner Recipes

Welcome all! Papa G here. Today I present a very easy dinner recipe. My quick and easy chicken casserole. This low-carb casserole is packed with flavor and texture and is perfect for those busy days when your time is short. Let’s get started. You’ll need 22 ounces of cooked chicken breasts and a can of […]

Chicken Jalfrezi Recipe – Restaurant Style Cuisine With English Subtitle | Cook With Fariha (2017)

Hello Friend Today we are going to make Chicken Jalfrezi For this, I have taken 1/2 Kg Boneless Chcken Cut into cubes like this Capsicum/ Bell Pepper in different colors and cut into cubes If don’t want Tomato Paste then you can add tomatos We’ll add oil in pan then we fry onion If you […]

Fried Rice – How To Make Fried Rice – Chinese Food

Hey everybody welcome back to The wolfe Pit Today I’m going to show you how to make beef fried rice better than in a Chinese restaurant! It’s quick and it’s easy, so let’s get started!! I have 1 pound of sirloin that I’ve cut into thin bite size pieces, that I’m going to marinate in […]

Sun Dried Tomato Chicken & Pasta Skillet Meal

– Quick weeknight meals never go out of style. Check out how easy this is to make. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) Welcome back for another quick weeknight meal. Tonight, we’re serving sun-dried tomato skillet chicken. Let’s make this together. In a large pot, we bring water to a boil and cook the pasta according to […]

What's For Dinner? | Real Life Meal Ideas | Budget Friendly Dinners

so for meal number one we had stuffed cabbage rolls and this was a meal suggestion from a subscriber Holly Archuleta ours might be a little bit different than some so I'm gonna go ahead and show you how we made them we started out with a pound and a half of a mix of […]

Traditional Yufka Bread Recipe And Gozleme Borek Varieties

hello ladies and gentlemens welcome you all in this video we will see the traditional received for recover at and how it's made doll with hand level Honus of bread made as preparation for winter truth has we made out of regular youth Cobra wash the baked bread with spinach and potatoes commands work by […]


happy Sunday are you guys doing today I hope you're having a good Sunday so far it is Sunday here and what I wanted to do was kind of bring you along my Sunday my sort of I guess productive Sunday or what I like to get done on a Sunday to prepare for the […]

Alison Roman's Chicken Confit | NYT Cooking

when you cut them in half lengthwise that kind of curl which gives them like a natural body and movement it's like a really good haircut except it's a carrot I'm Alison Roman and I'm gonna be making an olive oil roasted chicken and this is basically like a chicken confit meaning we're cooking a […]

Tomato and Cheese Galette | Easy Tomato and Cheese Tart | ASMR Cooking