We Eat [ Egg Drop Soup ] together :: 10min cooking :: #4

Egg drop soup carrot onion egg pepper Starch powder Salt Ready ~ 1/4 Onion Chop the onions 1/3 Carrot Cut the carrot as well Vegetable preparation is over 2 eggs Mix Boil 1000 ml of water One and a half tablespoons of starch Add 30-50ml of water Mix it up ~ When the water boils, […]

We Eat [ Spinach Omelet ] together :: Easy Cooking :: #10

Spinach Omelette Spinach Egg Salt / Pepper Sesame oil Mozzarella Cheese / Parmesan Cheese Powder Start A bunch of spinach in boiling water Add half teaspoon of salt and boil for 1 minute Rinse in cold water and squeeze out water 1/2 Teaspoon salt 1/2 Tablespoon of sesame oil Parmesan cheese // toktoktok ;;; 2 […]

DIY Lazy Food Hacks EVERY Person Should Know!

Hello there I’m Natalie and I love food mmm food and I were practically homies, pals, besties, I mean… lovers. Shhhh don’t tell Denis, Hey, I heard that Raise your hand if you’re in a committed relationship with food. I know I am. I’m gonna show you my go-to lazy food hacks That’s gonna make […]


Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it is Barry here, strap yourself in, if my kitchen had a seatbelt right now I would be strapping up because today we are making a stonking Philly Cheese Steak ciabatta and it is amazingly good, so so easy and just tastes absolutely stonking […]

How to Make Caesar Dressing – The Basics on QVC

Everybody loves a good Caesar salad. I’m going to show you how to make it 2 different ways: the classic way and an equally delicious lighter version. So the first step of course, is the romaine lettuce. These are hearts of romaine. They’re more tender and still crunchy delicious. I’ve cut them into pieces and […]

How to make Babushka’s Strawberry Jam – Cooking with Boris

其實我們需要這東西 歡迎來到果醬製作坊的第一堂課,我是Boris 我是你今天的祖母,我們要開始這堂課的話 就得挑選最好拿來弄果醬的草莓,方法很簡單 紅色的草莓最好,其他的就沒那麼好 你今天會用的上的工具:一個俄式餃子終結者Pelmeninator(可以過濾的勺子),隨便你這麼叫 這玩兒(木柄手榴彈/馬鈴薯搗碎器),選擇性的一個滾輪 一把鋒利的很的小刀還有一個裝東西玻璃罐 那預備好了,兄弟們,預備呼換你內心里的祖母吧 開始吧!(Life of Boris開場音樂) 啊!現在祖母不再用意大利 間諜技術來保存果醬了 等等這是啥玩兒 我可不信邪,不!所以呢…..要弄草莓果醬的話 你需要的是:等量的草莓跟砂糖 就這麼多了,啊等等,別忘了 拿來混合的容器,呃…一個希望是金屬製的鍋子 就這麼多,沒鹽巴沒醋沒魚膠粉 或是這陣子的人喜歡用的玩兒,果醬是其中一種 美麗的雙材料(水果跟砂糖)菜譜 量級可達無限。但我們沒那麼多時間可以耗 而且現在已經是午夜了,就這樣定吧 水果砂糖各一公斤 或是你有差不多30公斤的草莓 那你幹啥呢?加30公斤的糖 搞定!你已經正式地加入造果醬的事業了 除非他們想出一些新的砂糖稅 要最好的口感用新鮮草莓 要那些半熟不熟的,如果看上去活像湯似得 這些不能要了,清洗你的草莓,洗走 那些在裡邊的非法物質,螞蟻啊,蜘蛛啊 科利亞! 準備好你的工作台,一顆紅梅 揮舞你的小刀,這把是特製的刀 有一個粉絲他自己製作的,送了給我,他是怎麼通過郵政的安全檢查的? 天曉得呢,但是謝謝你的這把小刀尺寸鐮刀,Charles 要你的果醬更加美味的話你需要 去了蒂,因為呢有這東西不太好 但是別切走中間 切走了中間部分會搞得你的果醬口感變成果汁那樣 材料裡邊再加一個磅吧 精準一點 我建議你就切開那些草莓了 對半切就行了 (玩命對半切中) (繼續玩命對半切中) (還是在玩命對半切中) (編者吐槽:切完了沒有?) 當你切夠了你要的量的時候 這個時候就加跟那個量同等的砂糖,例如 我就用整整一公斤草莓,也就是說 多一點點,還有確認你倒進去的 是砂糖不是鹽巴,你看上去這裡很多砂糖 […]

Watermelon Margaritas | Ep. 1362

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode of of Laura in the Kitchen I want to show you how to make delicious watermelon margaritas. Is it groundbreaking? No. Is it difficult? No. Does it require a video? Probably not. But, but, whenever I show a recipe – whenever I show myself drinking anything […]

How to make Caramel Popcorn – Easy Cooking!

Hey Chef Kendra Here, today we learn how to make caramel corn. We have popcorn, brown sugar, baking soda, vanilla, butter and light corn syrup. We are going to get our brown sugar into our pot and then we are going to slide in our corn syrup. The link to the recipe can be found […]

Pantry Staples for Easy Vegan Cooking 🍽️

Want to know some of the essential pantry staples to have on hand for healthy vegan cooking? Keep watching. Hello I’m Ann, and I’m Chloe, and we are Veggie Magnifique, and today we’re talking about something really helpful – how to keep your kitchen pantry stocked with whole foods. These foods are our go-to staples […]

Cooking For One 1/3: Plan

Cooking at home can be a piece of cake, but sometimes cooking for one may seem difficult. However, by planning, using our resources well, and having fun, we’re finding new ways to mix things up in a kitchen for one! The most important tip for any one-man-chef is: be prepared! Meal prepping is a great […]