This Fish Dish Will Challenge Your Stereotypes About Indian Food

– [Nakul] This is a Barramundi Mollie. – From Kerala, Karala? – Kerala. – I can’t pronounce anything. – That’s fine. (laughs) (mumbles) – Arjun and Nakul, Badmaash here in L.A. – Yes – Let’s talk about misconceptions about Indian food. – [Nakul] It’s too spicy, it’s too heavy. – [Arjun] Buffet. – [Nakul] Buffet, […]

Sparkling Spritzer

Trend Alert: Sparkling Spritzer Add grape juice, sparkling water, and lime juice Add ice Add vanilla extract & orange extract Add sparkling water, stir & garnish Add ice Add rose, grapefruit sparkling water, & grapefruit juice Add ice Add gin, lemon-lime sparkling water, and raspberries Trend Alert: Sparkling Spritzer

Food Stylist Vs Starbucks | How to Style a Latte for Photo | Well Done

– Good morning Food Stylist Versus fans, we are at our local Starbucks and what a better way to start a day of food styling lattes, than to get our caffeine fix and our inspiration for the day. What I want to achieve today is the images that you see behind me on their menu […]

How to Cook Gill-to-Tail with Antonio Park

How To: Make Vegan Brownies

‘We Gotta Close The Kitchen Down’ Stress Test | Bar Rescue S6 Highlight

What’s up, y’all ready or what? – ( cheering ) – Let’s do this! Come on in! – Ready? – Nope. – Right this way. – Thanks for coming out, y’all. Hey, guys. So we got some drinks. – Two black lemonades. – Two black lemonades? Got it. – What are you doing? – Two […]

Summertime Manicotti without Red Sauce – The Cooking Show

-Okay, next up… wine break. [ Laughs ] This is gonna be one of those episodes that really does, like, go the full… whoop. You know what I mean? Hi. I’m Farideh. We’re here in the Munchies test kitchen with the Cooking Show. And what we’re making today is something called cannelloni… slash manicotti slash […]

How to Make Lemonade

A cool glass of freshly squeezed lemonade is one of Summer’s sweet tart cool downs. And it’s so easy to make. Here’s how, in just three steps. Step One: Squeeze the lemons. Use a juicer to squeeze ten lemons. Pour the juice into a large pitcher. Step Two: Add Sugar. Measure 1 cup of sugar, […]

$2 Burgers in Harlem – Street Food Icons

-I love to work. I always tell other people, “You gonna do anything, get a job.” It keeps you out of trouble. -He’s like one of the mayors of Harlem, you know what I mean? And it’s like this is an institution. You have buses lined up here. -I used to get my hair done […]

Cheesy Sausage and Pepper Stromboli – The Cooking Show

-About that time of day. [ Exhales deeply ] Ahh, that’s so good. It’s a good wine. Keep that handy. Back with “The Cooking Show,” and today, we’re gonna make stromboli. Basically, you’re making a really beautiful dough, fill it with cheese and a sausage, broccoli rabe, pepper filling. Roll it up, bake it. You’re […]