How to Make Lemonade

A cool glass of freshly squeezed lemonade is one of Summer’s sweet tart cool downs. And it’s so easy to make. Here’s how, in just three steps. Step One: Squeeze the lemons. Use a juicer to squeeze ten lemons. Pour the juice into a large pitcher. Step Two: Add Sugar. Measure 1 cup of sugar, […]

How to Make Lemon-Strawberry Punch

Lemon-Strawberry punch is a sweet, fizzy, non-alcoholic drink, and a party hit on a hot summer day. First, in a punch bowl, you’ll need to stir lemonade concentrate, and 7 cups of water. Then, pour in the thawed strawberries. Then stir. Just before serving, add ginger ale, and ice. Lemon-strawberry punch is a thirst quencher […]

The Best Hot Chocolate In London | Best Of The Best

Harry Kersh: There’s no better way to stay warm in London than with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. And the city has a couple of popular spots, all with their own unique take on the drink. Hey guys, it’s Harry and Ju. Ju Shardlow: And on this very gray day, we are on the […]

10 FAKE Chinese Foods You Need To Avoid Buying

Chinese food is famous worldwide I’m sure you like to eat it yourself in fact it’s America’s favorite takeout but in the food industry China is known for their bad practices many foods coming from China are fake toxic or worse now you may think only Chinese people have to eat this stuff and try […]

How to Make the Perfect Paella with Chef Jamie Bissonnette

– Chef Jamie Bissonnette from Toro NYC, thanks for having us. – What’s up brother? – Not too much man, how are you? – Great, thanks for coming in. – So what’s on the menu for today? – [Jamie] I love cooking paella, so we’re gonna make some paella. – [Patrick] Perfect. (energetic rock music) […]

The Best Way to Cook Chicken || A Little Help

(upbeat jazz music) – Hello and welcome to, “You’re Doing It Wrong.” (buzzer) And today we’re talking chicken breast. Now if you’re the kind of person that thinks that chicken breast is boring and bland, that’s simply because you’re doing it wrong, but that’s OK, ’cause with a few simple steps, you can be making […]

Timothy DeLaGhetto Reviews Philly’s Secret Food || InstaChef

– [Cliff] And then, hold on, the sauce. – [Timothy] The sauce is bomb. – The sauce, I’m not gonna lie, I’m trying to boss up. That sauce got some kick to it. – ‘Cause you weak. You know what, it ain’t even all that spicy guys, he weak. – How dare you? (laughs) – […]

How to Make Chicken Pot Pie

How to Make Chicken Pot Pie. You need a little more than a chicken and a pot to make this pie, but this homey, comforting dish is worth it. You will need 1 ½ lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breast 1 stick unsalted butter ½ c. flour 4 c. chicken broth Salt and pepper to taste […]

Alex Piatt discusses the new cuisine of Cicchetti

In the front, you have a roasted chicken with penne with a tomato and rosemary pomodoro sauce and you have your ricotta cheese. Been baked in those nice little cast iron skillets and they serve it in as well. And then behind it here, we have a it’s a pea puree with shallots and robiolia […]