Ali Boulala: The Original Baker Boy – Epicly Later’d (Part 1/4)

I remember my first thought automatically was like and I wish it was me I wish but I was dead I used that for a long time as an excuse to keep using did like just numb thoughts the guilt pain away and I know now from being sober and not used drugs for 723 […]

The Kitchen Serving 40,000 People a Day

– [Narrator] This is what it sounds like when 3,500 people are eating together. And another 3,500. And another. In total, today, the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple in Maharashtra, India will serve lunch to at least 40,000 people for free. And this happens every day, 365 days a year. The temple was built in 2008, […]

Let’s Get Lost : 1988 (CHET BAKER)

[Almost blue] [All…] Oh, lo siento No Chet. Chet…es otra tónica [da da me …I love you] No, no… No es así. Esos acordes están en primera (escala) Mayor. ¿Cuál es el problema aquí? Jesús. Muchas ‘actitudes de mierda’ se están dando por acá. No me dejan ‘entrar en esto’ Uno, dos, tres… Es un […]

Cuisine : la Palme d’or des chefs – Reportage exclusif 2015

Lyon, capitale de la gastronomie nous ne sommes pas dans un stade de foot mais dans le plus grand concours de cuisine au monde pendant deux jours vingt-quatre chefs issus des plus grands restaurants de leur pays vont s’affronter devant un public déchaîné et devant un parterre de 400 journalistes ils auront cinq heures pour […]

The Arlington Hotel – What If the Baker Hotel Was Never Abandoned?

[Music] hey everyone in this video we’re looking at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs Arkansas we decided we had to check it out as it served as the design inspiration for the Baker hotel the Arlington Hotel was first opened in 1875 but this building was completed in 1924 two years before the construction […]

This Chef Adds a Mexican Touch to Southern Cuisine

(chopping sounds) (upbeat music) – [Zoe] The American South has long had a taste for Mexican food. But one chef has created a unique fusion of his very own. – I’m Zoe Saldana from BESE, and I’m teaming up with Great Big Story to shine a light on American LatinX Excellence around the country. (fast […]

Jamaican Cuisine at the NyamJam with Action Bronson

oh thank you sir oh I love Jamaican phone check this out just look the platform this was a little too high we’re at in the Home Depot parking lot just landed from Jamaica went straight to Jamaica AB but Jamaican food I didn’t want to come back to this weather but we have to […]

Dr Who Review, Part 7 – The Colin Baker Era

“Is it a part that actors seek after? Because when I said it’s an institution- It is worldwide; there are fan clubs everywhere. I mean, it is such an established place now after twenty years it’s been running, one of the longest running in shows in Britain Is it a part that you relish tackling?” […]

Natalie Portman’s Favorite Home Cooked Dinner

[Music] little parsley on top instead to eat it like glue on it like I do for my kids you don’t need like a double take without me blow ya I’m so used to being with my one-year-old I don’t have to do one of those like mmm I’m now a Portman and I am […]

MUNCHIES Presents Nikkei: Peruvian-Japanese Cuisine

Le terme « Nikkei » renvoie aux immigrants japonais dans le monde. Quand on applique ce mot au monde de la cuisine cela revient à parler de « fusion ». Et en l’occurence, de « cuisine fusion japonaise ». Même si le Pérou et le Japon sont deux pays très éloignés l’un de l’autre leurs […]