Did the Food Pyramid Make Us Fat? | Freethink Wrong

– In 1988 Oprah pulled out a red wagon full of greasy animal fat to show her audience how much weight she had lost. It was pretty gross. But it became her highest rated episode ever. Back then fat was the enemy. It was increasingly being seen as the root cause behind America’s steady rise […]

A Snake Hiding in a Kitchen | Snake City

SIMON: It’s definitely a rodent. SIOUXIE: Look at that. SIMON: Yeah. SIOUXIE: That’s not the skin on the rat, is it? SIMON: Oh, well I don’t know. Is it? Something like that. That or plastic. SIOUXIE: Plastic? SIMON: Plastic, yeah. Yeah, it’s plastic. The mess is really distracting. We can’t see the snake. It actually […]

New Orleans’ Queen of Creole Cooking Still Reigns at 94

– I am Leah Chase, chef and co-owner of Dooky Chase’s Restaurant. I’m 94 years old. I been in this kitchen 71 years. Every day I come in this kitchen. 7:30 in the morning, I hit this floor, and I don’t leave until we close. When guests come to this city, they know when they […]


-It really is a timeless film. -I think this movie is going to resonate really well with, uh, a wide variety of audiences. -It’s…amazing. -‘Whose baby is this?’‘Well-well I guess it’s mine.’ -The movie is-is a… is sort of an introspective…drama. -It’s like one of those old refrigerators that kids used to, uh, climb into […]

How To Make Hand Ripped Noodles with Xi’an Famous Foods

can you ask your dad how much better is he Hacha neater than you would come in haughty bit about 20 times only yeah yeah of course I I thought it was be like 50 years hi my name is Jason I’m Derry and we’re from Shaam famous foods today we’re gonna show you how […]

Portable Museum Of Curiosity inspired by Robert Dick baker & botanist of Thurso 1811-1866

bjbjz Wearing a swallowtail coat, jeans and a chimney-pot hat, Robert Dick often had children following him from his bakery in Thurso, as they were curious to know what he was doing on his walks. He was not only a baker, but also a renowned self-taught botanist, a geologist and naturalist. Interested in entomology, he […]

The Real Mrs Crocombe | Part Four: A Victorian Cook’s Outfit

I’m Dr Annie Gray, I’m a food historian but I also worked here at Audley End for many years alongside the various Avis Crocombes. I wore clothing just like that of Mrs Crocombe in the Victorian Way videos but that clothing was in itself modelled on the very clothing that people at the time would […]

Exposing Dangerous how-to videos 5-Minute Crafts & So Yummy | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and today due to popular demand we’re going to be debunking a few more fake baking videos. If you’re new to this series then it is a bit like the fake news of the baking world … making up recipes that don’t work or can’t work […]

White Trash Bruschetta and Henny Wings: Fuck, That’s Delicious (Episode 3)

[LONDON, ENGLAND] Welcome to England kids. The land of dirty sex and cheap Chinese food. Actually, I have roots here. My grandpa over in Manchester over a century ago. That’s me, and this is: [FUCK THAT’S DELICIOUS] [ACTION BRONSON, RAPPER/CHEF] We’re in London, Chinatown. Kowloon Restaurant, [CHINATOWN, LONDON] I love this fucking place man. I’ve […]

The Oldest Fast Food Restaurant in London’s East End

-One thing about eels A lot of people see these as snakes and all the rest of them– Well, they’re not. Very very nutritious Very easily digested And they’re supposed to be an aphrodisiac. What are you smiling at? Pie and Mash is very traditional, especially in the East End. I would think that mostly […]