Changing Your Junk Food Behaviors

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Kelsey Cook – Homemade Sex Toy – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored – Exclusive

– “Um…I wanted to know what sex felt like, “so I took your manicure tool, and I put it…” [laughter][dark electronic music][bell dinging] Oh. [chuckles] Nicely done. Yes. Mmm. Mmm! [moaning] [piglet whining]♪ ♪[fork clatters]♪ ♪[whining]♪ ♪[whining continues]♪ ♪Your mama’s so delicious.[cheers and applause]She has her own podcast, “Cook’d.” Please give it up for Kelsey […]

Kelsey Cook – Homemade Sex Toy – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored – Exclusive

Health Care is a Mess… But Why?

this is Susan she and her husband both work full-time to support their three children but even with their dual income they're finding it more and more difficult to afford health insurance how could one visit be this expensive wait until you see how much your husband's resuscitation is going to cost incidences like this […]

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Are Eggs Healthy or Unhealthy?

– Nutrition informationcan be so confusing, and as advanced as we aremedically and scientifically the question remains what foods should we eat to achieve good health? Believe it or not, in the1950s, sugar was actually touted as an energy and weight loss aid. In the 1990s the fat-free craze took over, and in early 2000 […]

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