How to make the perfect breakfast in bed | The Grand Hôtel Tutorial

The details are very important. That’s what makes the tray look extra appetizing. Making sure that everything is in place. When I make breakfast in bed I focus on the details, giving a good taste experience, as well as making sure that everything is laid out attractively on the tray. So the reaction is: Wow, […]

DIY: Große Papierblüten-Wand aus Kopierpapier selber machen | Deko Kitchen

How to make a romantic paper flower backdrop Hello and welcome to Deko Kitchen Thank you for watching this video As many of you have asked how to make such paper flower backdrops I decided to make a tutorial about it These paper flowers are made of copy paper This type of decoration is not […]

Easy ( No cost) Kitchen Organization Ideas – Kitchen Storage Ideas l ReallIfe Realhome

Hello Everyone. In today’s video I will be sharing with you very easy Kitchen Hacks / DIY Kitchen Organization ideas that you can do at home to maximize kitchen space. So the first DIY is to organize your pots/ pans lids. So for that you need some adhesive hooks and few hangers and place them […]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Milk Paint

Social media has made the Java one of our best selling products in the market today. So, what we decided to do was introduce an alternative product in our Milk Paint line called Dark Chocolate. This will allow you to create that nice deep, dark, rich color that everybody’s looking for. What we’re gonna do […]

How to Bake the Perfect Bacon Roses

How to Make Delicious Bacon Roses! Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit! For a fun little bonus video, I thought I would show you how I perfected the really clever Bacon Roses seen on Pinterest with a couple extra special touches I devised. With Father’s Day upon us, I guarantee you this […]

DIY Kitchen Window Curtain

Hi, I’m Jennifer from Jennifer decorate Today I’m going to show you how to make your own kitchen curtains. We’re in my kitchen and my window needs some curtains, so even if you have never seen before I’m going to show you how to make what’s called box pleat curtains They’re easy they don’t take […]

How To Remove Kitchen Cabinets – updated – GardenFork

– Hey, everyone. Welcome to Garden Fork. Today we’re in an empty apartment and the clients wanna renovate their kitchen. So I’m gonna take the kitchen apart for them. This is really quite simple to do. It doesn’t take long. You can get out some of your aggression with it perhaps. But basically we’re gonna […]

Cook Steak In A Pan, Easy, Simple, Fast – Based on Jamie Oliver & Gordon Ramsay

– Today on Garden Fork, learn how to cook a really great steak in a fry pan, on your stove top. Stay tuned. Hey everyone, I’m Eric Rochow, welcome to Garden Fork cooks. Today I’m gonna show you how to cook this. This, this steak. I think there’s some trepidation there with a lot of […]

How to replace basket strainer, kitchen sink drain. Easy! Home Mender.

Hello this is Dustin with Home Mender and today we’re going to show you how to change a basket strainer in a kitchen sink. Not that hard and no reason to pay a plumber 100 bucks to do it when you can do it for 8 bucks. Let’s get to it. Now sometimes these guys […]

Wooden Kitchen Tools – How To Make Homestead Style

Alright today on Repairs101 I�m going to show you how to take some ordinary lumber scraps and turn them into useful tools for the kitchen or campsite or � they make great gifts too. Everybody has their own idea of what type of wood to use but like the pioneers I use what�s grown locally. […]