The Smoothie Challenge! *GOOD vs. GROSS* Learn DIY Edible Real Gummy Food Sour Candy Drink How To

(screaming) – [Both] Three, two, one. – No! – Yeah! – Dude, I have to eat Spam. No, I have to make a Spam smoothie because you guys challenged us to do the Halloween smoothie challenge. One is a delicious item, like a caramel apple and one is a terrible item, like Spam. – Bro, […]

DIY Night Routine Life Hacks! 30 DIY Hacks – DIY Makeup, Healthy Recipes & Room Decor

في فيديو اليوم سأخذكم من بداية لنهاية روتيني المسائي و سأريكم اكثر من 30 حيلة يومية وافعلها بنفسك وسوف تصاب بالذهول ! تحقق منهم ! مرحباَ يا رفاق ! اليوم سأشارك معكم الفيديو الاكثر طلباَ دائماَ وهو روتيني المسائي . وانا لست ذاهبة فقط لأريكم ما اقوم بة عادة في المساء وقبل ان اذهب إلى […]

DIY Worlds Largest Squishy / Giant Squishy Food

be like burgers we bet that you have never tasted a burger like this one we made a giant soft squishy burger how find out in our new video there is a new apprentice in Miss Gonzalez's kitchen a young kitchen girl will be trained by our genius chef too bad she doesn't know the […]


it is just a lot of stuff happening here all right she's just rubbing it in now hey guys it's windy and max the blue but today red unicorn versus candy food and today's video was busted by honey nut cheerios so without further due let's get into the first round let's go round one […]

Makeup Challenge! Full Face Using Food And School Supplies!

a true goddess of makeup can do everything draw winged eyeliner with a licorice stick define her eyebrows using coal do her contouring with popcorn and blush her cheeks with goo ash it's all about our new makeup challenge food vs. school supplies to goddesses of makeup dolly and Belle have got invitations to a […]

Snacks and Treats Easy DIY and Quick recipes ideas ♡ Treats DIY 2015

hi guys today I'm gonna be showing you three easy and fast recipe using strawberries for the first one you're gonna need a cup of strawberries coconut powder Nutella whipped cream fruit stick and the first thing to do is to put some Nutella on a plate and dip the strawberries in the Nutella once […]

DIY Giant Squishy / 11 Giant vs Miniature Stress Relievers Recipes

it's exam time and it's a bit stressful but if you make stress relievers you'll be alright a big squishy cupcake mini slimes tini maracas and a huge donut choose the stress reliever of your favorite size in color red head is under too much stress she's rushing into everything around will preparing for her […]

Preparing Father's day Dinner

hello everybody hey chill the babies welcome back everybody hello hello hello hey what's going on hello hello the Missy hey it's not ready yet so we got Alison midget Gwendolyn Deborah Brianna my blanket miss ladylee I sure will miss literally miss Jewell blogs how you doing hey Peggy Sue and Peggy Cunard Marietta […]