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i tried cooking BTS FRIED CHICKEN and this happened..

Christmas Recipes: Side Dishes and Turtle Pumpkin Pie Recipe

[♫ Thanksgiving Recipes: Side Dishes and Turtle Pumpkin Pie Recipe ♫] So, it’s Thanksgiving morning, you slept in, you’re feeling very relaxed. Why? Because your sister’s hosting the family feast this year, which means the pressure’s off. I’m Tracy Metro for the Kraft Kitchens with some great ideas for what you can bring to Thanksgiving […]

How Its Made – 632 Vitrelle Dishes

Vitrelle is a super durable dinnerware material invented in the United states in the early 1970s. It’s made of three layers of glass fused together. Vitrelle dishes are thin and lightweight, yet they’re stronger and far more break-resistant than ordinary dinnerware. In a perfect union of form, function, and food, this company serves up Vitrelle […]

A Tire Company Gives Out The Most Prestigious Food Award – Here’s Why

This Video was sponsored by Brilliant. Head over to brilliant.org/fim to get 20% off your premium subscription If you’ve ever watched a racing event or have a general interest in cars and motorsport you probably recognize this little guy – the Michelin man. It’s the mascot of the French tire manufacturer Michelin – the second […]

Febreze for dishes | 22 Minutes

Honey, don’t forget it’s your turn to do the dishes. Mmhmm. I’m serious. The kitchen’s starting to smell. [voiceover] Tired of the hassle of cleaning up after meals? Introducing new Febreze for dishes. It’s patented formula eliminates odors associated with stuck on food and grease, leaving your dishes smelling clean enough to eat off of. […]

How to Wash Dishes : How to Fill the Sink for Washing Dishes

Hi, this is Grace Fitzpatrick here on behalf of Expert Village. You have caught me in the middle of filling up the sink with a little bit of water. I’m going to show you how when you have just about half inch of water in the bottom of your sink. It can be a lot […]

How to Wash Dishes By Hand

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown in this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Today’s question comes from a college student who just found out that the college dorm he’s going to, does not have […]

Latinos Taste Test Each Other’s Holiday Dishes // Sponsored By Verizon

– I think I was like three, and I remember seeing the head of a pig in a trash can and that’s how you know you’re Cuban. (upbeat cheerful music) – The 24th is the big day. – Traditionally, we celebrate Noche Buena. – And then the food is like the main dish. – Yeah. […]

190.Igazi kamionos ételek/Real Truck driver dishes

hi, a lot of you guys asked me to and I didn’t hesitate to make another truckdriver cooking video and today I’m letting loose and I brought 3 phenomenal dishes 2 from these 3 aren’t low on calories so, it’s real trucker dish, the first one is an english breakfast lot of you guys already […]