How a Master Chef Serves Michelin-Starred Food to Over 300 People Per Day — Mise En Place

(light music) – When I think about Scandinavian food I think about the purity of it. To keeping everything true to its nature. It’s more about highlighting what the land is giving us. And then using simple techniques to preserve it. Everything from curing, brining, smoking. All of those flavor profiles are coming more than […]

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking II: Restaurant Recipes at Home | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Watch carefully. [SIGH] Look at that. Oh, boy. F****** delicious. [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, my Lord. I decided to teach a second MasterClass. Oh, boy. This time around, I’m going to take you into an area where you felt your home cooking could never go. The secret behind any great soufflé is in the buttering of […]

A Diet Cola-Infused Pig Trotter Dish at New York City’s Fish Cheeks — Prime Time

– Guys, today we are at The Meat Hook. We use hocks and trotters in only a couple of ways. Trotters we mostly just sell to ramen shops, and hocks we smoke mostly for soups. – Hock, shank, same thing. Today we’re going to Fish Cheeks. We’re going to have a pork shank stew cooked […]

Dish Network Promotions – Call 1-888-848-0624 for Dish Deals

Dish Network Promotions – Call 1-888-848-0624 for Dish Network Deals Dish offers incredible Dish Network Promotions specials in TV, high-speed internet, and home phone packages. Dish has the most advanced home HD DVR, ultra high speed internet connections, and phone services tailored to fit every need. When it comes to high quality and technical greatness, […]

The Dish and the great beyond

[Theme music plays] (Glen Paul) G’day, and welcome to CSIROvod, I’m Glen Paul. As you’ve probably figured with the Dish sitting behind me there, I’m at CSIRO’s Parkes Observatory on what is a rather windy day, which is going to make things a little bit scary because we’re going to go up onto the Dish. […]

Why Taiwan Claims Beef Noodle Soup as Its Signature Dish — Travel, Eat, Repeat

– [Iz Harris] Meat, noodles, broth, and veggies: a combination of elements featured in many different cuisines. But Taiwan has somehow taken this combination and made it their own, laying claim to a dish that is seemingly simple on the surface, but in actuality, is a deep symbol of the national pride here. You see […]

To Dish | Expression | American English

So a dish is what you eat off of, but “to dish” can be used like “to gossip.” So if your friend says, “I had the craziest weekend.” You’re like, “Oh, dish!” That means, Tell me!” Give this video a Thumbs Up if you liked it!

How To Assemble a Fotodiox Beauty Dish

A Fotodiox Beauty Dish quickly transforms any space into a professional photo studio. Adding one to your speed light creates beautiful dramatic light, perfect for portraits. Here’s how to assemble your Fotodiox Beauty Dish. Lay the beauty dish face up. Screw the three metal posts into the three holes in the base in the dish. […]

DISH Accessibility Settings

At DISH, we believe watching TV should be simple. That’s why we created our award-winning Hopper whole-home DVR system with easy-to-navigate menus. In this video, I’ll walk you through steps you can take to find the accessibility settings on your set-top box. On your 52.0 Hopper remote, press the HOME button – it’s the leftmost […]