Biscotti (Cantuccini di Prato)

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. As you probably already know, we are Italians, and to be more specific, from Tuscany, which is where the recipe for biscotti originated. The traditional name of these amazing biscotti is Cantuccini, and because we are in love with this preparation, we are about to show you how […]

Lentil Okra Curry

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Corner. Do you like curries? I hope you do, because that’s what we are going to prepare here today. The issues we find with many popular curries is that they require spices that are not necessarily easy to find all over the globe. However, very interesting curries can also […]

LIVE IT: Detox Cabbage Soup

(upbeat music) – [Cory] Happy New Year. Here is a simple and hearty soup to help combat the indulgence in the holidays. It’s delicious, simple, easy to make and full of vitamins and minerals. Be sure to remove the tough center of the cabbage. It takes a long time to cook, and it isn’t very […]

Why You MUST Try Native American Cuisine | AJ+

This is me eating bison ribs … smothered in a spicy blueberry barbecue sauce. And something mouth-wateringly incredible called a posu bowl. And a fry bread taco. What do all these foods have in common? They’re Native American cuisine. The cuisine of the indigenous people of this land, made with ingredients you could once only […]

How to Make a Mango Coconut Green Smoothie

Eating Well’s Mango-Coconut Green Smoothie is like the taste of the tropics in a glass, and it’s really easy to make and a delicious way to drink your fruits and some vegetables. To start, add about half a cup of plain coconut water to your blender. Next, add one cup of sliced frozen banana. That’s […]

Garlic Soup – Natural Antibiotics – Weight Loss – Magic Plan

High this is Tony from Cookingaround you know it’s really really cold outside the winter has really hit hard here in Poland raining mixed in with snow and it keeps snowing This is the time that you know one usually a lot of people catch colds and flu so I come up with my famous […]

Black-Eyed Pea Salad Recipe – Southern Queen of Vegan Cuisine 25/328

Hey my Sweet Vs, its The Sweetest Vegan here. Today on the show we will be making a cold bean salad. It features Black Eyed Peas. Who doesn’t like black eyed peas? I know I do. Lets get started on the recipe. Black Eyed Pea Salad Recipe We are going to put in two cans […]

Vegan Nutrition and Cookery Masterclass

Today was our new vegan cookery and nutrition masterclass we talked about vegan nutrition and then we cooked a feast Learning all about some really key nutrients you wouldn’t want to be missing out on if you’re vegan Anna and Jess have just been wonderful Brilliant, yeah absolutely fantastic the things that were really important […]

How to Make Shrimp Ceviche

[MUSIC] Shrimp Ceviche. Water, salt, shrimp. Turn off heat. Let sit 3 minutes. Lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice, cucumber, red onion, Serrano chiles. Refrigerate for 1 hour. tomato, avocado, cilantro, extra-virgin olive oil, salt. Let stand for 30 minutes.

Healthier Appetizers & Finger Foods

Do the appetizers you serve look like this? Not any more. Prepackaged, frozen foods are often loaded with salt, sugar and fat. Who needs that, when you can make appetizers that are just as delicious, and even more nutritious? Instead of frozen potato skins, make your own. Just scoop the pulp out of small, red […]