The $1,000,000,000 North Korean Bank Heist

– [Kento Bento] I’m Kento Bento. This video is made possible by Dashlane. Download Dashlane for free if you never wanna lose another password again at the link in the description. Bangladesh, February 7th, 2016. The director of the Bangladesh Central Bank got off the elevator on the ninth floor and headed to the back […]

InterContinental Dhaka Buffet Dinner | A Five-Star cuisine

We are going out for buffet dinner we want to check the buffet dinner of InterContinental Dhaka Hotel and we can give a review after, that how it is okay so see you on the buffet Hello viewers, we are at the element restaurants of intercontinental Dhaka We were being guided to our table. at […]

Taste of Dhaka | Pita Pan | Food Review | Middle Eastern Cuisine | Banani 11 | Restaurant

Street Food at Mall Road Murree & Nathia Gali | Beautiful Pakistan Food Travelogue

Right now we're going to Murree from Islamabad… …and to Nathia Gali from there. So let's go and check out what's happening. Let's Go! Right now we have stopped ….at Jhika Gali? We've stopped at Jhika Gali… …lets check out the view from here. This is "Kashmir Point"… …a scenic viewpoint in Murree. A few […]

দেশের দেড় কোটি শিশুদের ‘কলা রুটি’ দিবে সরকার || Mid Day Meal for Children

EXTREME Street Food in Bangladesh – WOW!!! WHOLE Fish BBQ Seafood + Street Food Tour of Old Dhaka!!!

look at this guys we just found the ultimate Bangladeshi fish paradise we've got these big red snappers covered in a turmeric curry powder to paste and you can get them grilled over the coals right here I check it out guys this Trevor James we just got into old Dhaka magical old Dhaka and […]

Pakistani Street Food | Javed Delhi Nihari | Ultimate Nalli Maghaz Nihari | Karachi Food Street

Behind me you are looking at the Karachi's Famous Javed Delhi Nihari and Javed Nihari is ultimate my mounth is already watering… So lets see whats happening inside.. Lets Go ! Talking about the food of Karachi the few names which comes on top of our mind… Javed Nihari is one of them… You'll find […]

Famous Tarbooz ka Sharbat | Fruit Ninja | Watermelon Juice | Pakistani Street Food

Assalam-u-Alaikum, My name is Zia Tabarak. Karachi is facing severe heat wave nowadays and whenever this happens… …different juice stalls get set-up around the city. The Watermelon Juice at Water Pump, Karachi is the best in the city. People come from far-off places to try it out. So we'll go there now and show you […]


hey what's up guys I'm here with Mitchell and today we're going to be exploring that car and some of the food just going to be roaming around trying a few different things some street food and also some home-cooked food without further ado let's get to the three so we're now in the place […]

Authentic Italian Cuisine in Dhaka? | O’Play, Gulshan, Dhaka | Vlog 3 (full video)