Yeongja doesn’t share food! [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.02]

You’re pretty. Hello. (Caught her eyes) Wait, isn’t this the most famous in Namdaemun? No, it’s not famous. Namdaemun’s hotteok is famous. The second most famous? (Shaking) The 100th most famous? (He won’t humor her) One dollar for one hotteok. Sweet hotteok, one dollar. Like baby’s bottom. They look soft. I like that. He doesn’t […]

i only ate FOODS FROM IKEA for 24 hours

So I’m sitting at the kids area at IKEA very mature, good morning guys I have just arrived at IKEA And I’m actually very Excited for this video because I have never eaten foods from Ikea before and for the whole day so for the next 24 hours I am only gonna be eating food […]

Off to Vietnam to make the best CVS food [Star’s Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant/2019.12.02]

(First restaurant in Vietnam) Let me go in. That alley looks special. He’s going into an alley. Okay, okay. How does he know places like that? – That’s a restaurant? / – Is that a restaurant? (What kind of restaurant is it?) (Even the entrance looks unusual) – This… / – They don’t have an […]

How to Make Chocolate Cupcakes – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 222

[Music] Hi Guys! I’m Laura Vitale On this episode of ‘Laura in the Kitchen’, I’m going to show you how I make my chocolate cupcakes They are super simple and easy to do Um…you should always have one cupcake recipe that’s basic. I’ve showed you how to make a vanilla one. This is my chocolate […]

How to Decorate a Pretty Cake | Easy Dessert Recipes | Beautiful Cake Decorating Ideas

How to Decorate a Pretty Cake | Easy Dessert Recipes | Beautiful Cake Decorating Ideas Thank you for watching! Hope you enjoy & like it!

How to Style a Birthday Cake | How a Food Stylist Decorates the Perfect Layer Cake | Well Done

– Anybody that tells you one container of frosting for one cake, they’re totally full of it. There’s no way that’s the right ratio. I’m a food stylist. Consider me, a makeup artist for food. I take boring everyday average food and make it look amazing. I’m gonna show you how I style a classic […]

The Tips Guy: Cream Puff Recipe

Making cream puffs is easy, easy as 1, 2 3! And you can do it too! You just need one whole stick of butter. You mix it with flour and it becomes that! Now mix four whole eggs, one by one or two by two or three and one- whatever you want. It will look […]

Healthy Desserts

– People talk about sugar being the enemy, but that’s not always the case. So today, I’m with Kendra Peterson who is gonna help us rethink desserts. Yeah, we love that! Kendra, you say that sugar is not all that bad as long as it’s the right kind of sugar. – Exactly. I think the […]

Ultimate Coney Island Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Luna Park Treats

– Hi guys, we’re here at Coney Island. We’re here to eat our way through the most iconic foods in the park. Starting at Nathan’s, obviously. We’re gonna have some hot dogs. We’re gonna go on some rides. A bee (laughing). (bee) yeah. It’s a horse fly, it’s a horse fly, it’s not a bee. […]