Baker Makes A Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator Cake | Cakes Gone Wild | Delish

(upbeat music) (people laughing and yelling) – [Cory] Oh my gosh! Shove him in there. – Look! Oh, it’s so cute! (music fades) – Hi! – Hi. Kevin. – Cory. – Hi Cory how are you? – Hey. – Hi John, how are you? – Good, how are you? (high pitched bell dings) – So […]

How To Make The Best Thanksgiving Stuffing | Delish Insanely Easy

– We’re making stuffing! Today we are making our favorite stuffing recipe. It’s super simple, lots of butter, lots of herbs. It’s perfect for your friendsgiving or Thanksgiving, or maybe you just wanna eat stuffing, and that’s okay. We’ve got cubed bread that we’ve dried. You can also use stale bread. But since we didn’t […]

Cassava Cake | Panlasang Pinoy

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy We will be making Cassava Cake today. Here are the ingredients that we will need: Grated Cassava Coconut Milk (fresh or in can) Evaporated Milk Condensed Milk Grated Cheese (I use Filipino Quickmelt cheese, but you can use sharp cheddar too) melted butter granulated white sugar eggs all-purpose flour C’mon, let’s […]

Trying The ENTIRE Pizza Menu From California Pizza Kitchen

– Ah. So I’m already two sangrias in, and I’m here at CPK, California Pizza Kitchen if you’ve never been. And now I’m going to try every single pizza? (upbeat music) And I feel like I’m living out my, like, teenage dream right now. I had my very first date ever at a California Pizza […]

Best Caprese Burger In NYC | Delish Does

– It is literally the size of my head. Why is everything that I work with so cute and little? (upbeat music) So we’er here at the Ainsworth in Midtown, about to try their Burrata Burger, which I’m so excited about ’cause this is right up my alley, let’s get goin’. (upbeat music) We’re making […]

35 Insane Foods You Need To Try Before You Die

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Chef Lena Tries 16 Variations Of Crepes To Find The Perfect Recipe

– [Lena] I love crepes. I mean, there's a lotto love about crepes. – [Brunette Woman] Isit crape or is it crepe? – [Lena] Wait. – [Google Translate] Crepe. – Cr, crepe. So, I'm gonna try to make my own. I did once make a rainbowcrepe cake here with Lauren. Cut to Lauren. Cut to […]

How To Make The Fluffiest Pancakes You'll Ever Eat | Delish Insanely Easy

– Hey gang, so today we are making super fluffy, super easy pancakes. Alright, so we're gonna startoff with our dry ingredients. We've got flour, sugar,baking powder, and salt. Instead of just scooping,I'm going to use a spoon to sort of loosen upthe flour a little bit and then just gently shakeit into the measuring […]

Lauren Conrad Vs. Ree Drummond: Whose Chicken Enchiladas Are Better?

(dramatic music) – You know what the excitingthing about enchiladas are? It's like you found amagical chest in the wood and you have no ideawhat's gonna be inside it 'til you take a bite of it. (dramatic music) Now, this one is winningyour color awards, because it's got a little more splash. (upbeat music) ♪ […]