OMK! Kalen Allen Reacts to Apple Twix Salad Recipe

Yep. OK. Add in some lemon juice. Get that delicious citrusy accent everybody just loves on their mayo cocktail. Nope. All right. What are we doing today? OK. These are food… OK, all right. I’m going to do it for y’all. Here we go. Now I done told you all about this mayonnaise. Please don’t […]

‘OMKalen’: Kalen Reacts to Microwave Chicken, and Prepares a Cola Salad Cake

Happy SaturKay, everybody. We are back with season two. And we are your new, hot off the press, hot topic digital show. Whoo! Whoo! Let’s get into it. So on today’s lineup, we got Kalen reacts to a nine minute fried chicken. And the countdown, featuring BBHMM, babysitter momma better have my money. Boom! Show […]

OMKalen: Kalen Reacts to Australian Foods, Including Vegemite

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Play an Unforgettable Round of ‘Taste Buds’

The two of you are going to be blindfolded, and when I say go, one of you will bend over to taste the food on the plate in front of you. Then you’ll describe what you’re eating to the other person. You know how to work a blindfold, don’t you? All right. You cannot use […]

Ellen Just Found the Best New Thing on the Internet

tWitch, you know how you asked me if I knew of any good food critics online? Well, I found one. This guy, he watches shows, and he comments on them. I love him so much. Please enjoy. OK, so 7 Up, main ingredient. Mm, marsh– oh, child. That look like some phlegm up in somebody […]

Ellen Scares Jimmy Fallon

– I love you so much, and I thought I could get you. I didn’t get you. – You did get me. – No, I didn’t get you. – You scared me–you did. You scared me, and I’m a fan of yours, and you know I love you, and you still scared me. – Yeah. […]

12-Year-Old App Developer Alex Knoll Meets Apple Hero Tim Cook

Alex, it’s so good to have you back. And you look so nice. Now, do you dress like this always, or just for me? Well, for a special occasion. This is a very special occasion. It also must be the socks. Oh, you have the Ellen socks on. Yes It’s nice. I like it. You […]

Ellen Meets Groom Clayton Cook, Who Saved a Boy from Drowning

So I saw this story. How many people saw this story? Did you see it? Yeah. So– so congratulations on your wedding, first of all. Thank you. So this was on the day. Yeah. And it was– the wedding had already taken place, and you were out, then, just taking– It was shortly after. We’d […]

OMK! See What’s Cooking at Kalen’s Kountertop

Good, morning. Everybody it is SaturKay. Welcome to OMKalen. Now, listen. I saw that you all was up in my comments talking about them Kool-Aid pickles. And I’m still saying I’m not going eat them Kool-Aid pickles. But I have decided to go back to the beginning of time and try an iconic dish. So […]

Ellen Welcomes Back Inspiring Principal Akbar Cook

Well, you look very, very sharp. Oh, man. You look good. Well, thank you, Ellen. I’m trying to be like you when I grow up. So what’s the reaction at school since you were here? Well, when I got back, Ellen, it was like it was a Super Bowl parade waiting on me. And there […]