Paula Deen meets Paula LEAN! Meatloaf Recipe

hey I like it became I go it's hard I know you're tired I know you're hungry and I know we're all faced by temptation hi y'all so I'm going to teach you how to make southern comfort food while maintaining a comfortable waistline I'm going to be showing you how to make a healthier […]

CVC's Homemade Potato Salad, Mama's Best Southern Cooking from Scratch

oh hi so they're a little bit brown still be good anyway there goes our peppers and onions into it so now we're just going to stir all this up together heyyo it steamy with Carvelli cooks today I'm making my potato salad I've already cut up the potatoes and boiled them we're gonna chop […]

Making Old Fashioned Rolled Biscuits, Mama's Best Southern Cooking

good morning it's Tammy with Kern Valley cooks and yes it is morning I am hungry I'm in one of those moods where I want something that sticks to the ribs so we are going to make some rolled out visits like my mama used to make I'm so hungry and ready for some so […]

Collard Valley Cooks Carrot Cake packed with Ingredients, A Holiday Favorite

hey y'all it's t me with color valley cooks today we are going to mix up a homemade from scratch carrot cake I'm throwing it together I'm gonna prepare these layers so that I can have them lighter for Christmas when I get ready to get them out and ice them and we're gonna start […]

Our Awkward Fancy Meal

D: Hallo Internet! Ich hab heute einen besonderen Gast für euch D: Willst du ihnen 'nen Hinweis geben? *komisches geräusch* L: Einen Hinweis zu mir oder nur ein Geräusch?D: Einen Hinweis zu dir L: OhD: Das war wirklich unbedeutend L: Glitzer! L: *lacht* D: Wirklich? Wirklich?L: Mach's nochmal, mach's nochmal Hallo Internet! Heute hab ich […]