"Foodie Calls"/Never Pay For A Woman's Meal

hello everybody this is Gregory from red pill men's health welcome back today we're gonna talk about the phenomenon of foodie calls now red pill men's health spiritual emotional physical health are your true sources of wealth because whether or not you're low level MiG towel or you're a high level make towel your red […]

Casually Explained: Dating (feat. You Suck At Cooking)

"Dating" is the human courtship ritual whereby individuals in the species try to adequately determine a sexual partner. Although a natural process, it's something that's been pondered by the brightest minds since the beginning of time. Isaac Newton, one of the greatest mathematicians of the 17th century, yet a virgin 'til the day he died, […]

Tony Baker (mission not laugh Impossible) winged edition | REACTION!!!

what is up yo boy Ryoji am back with another try not to laugh you know this is Tony back of mission a laughing possible way in addition we're gonna react to this and see what's going on I'm not I'm gonna try my best not to laugh and you too we no further ado […]

VEGAN THAI FOOD MUKBANG (Pad Thai, Dumplings, Mango Sticky Rice)

hmm look at that Harry please marry me oh my god I'm a mess right now holy actual balls like actual balls holy balls I am so excited to eat right now hello friends I would say it is your girl can we Patton but let's be real cami Patton that um who more like […]

Dinner Date: Just Desserts – Simon's Cat (A Valentines Special)| SHORTS #62

( ♫ Simon's Cat Theme ♫) Mmm. Ta-da! (gasps nervously) (munching) (gasps) (laughing nervously) Hey… (slurps) Mmm-hmm… Hmm… (slurps water) Heh-heh.. Ehh? Mmm… BOTH: Che- (barfs) Eeehh… (yelps) Wait, (fading) wait! (both gobbling) (gulps) (♫ End Music ♫) (Subscribe to Simon's Cat)

Chinese Food | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 6 | Kids Try | Cut

答應我不能偷看,我會告訴你甚麼時候該睜開眼睛 不要偷看 好了!現在睜開你的眼睛 我只看見一個籃子和筷子 你知道他們怎麼叫它嗎? 喔,我知道 是 餛飩 燒賣啦! 喔… 你知道這叫甚麼嗎? 那是甚麼呢? 你幾乎要夾到了 ok,我姊姊是這樣用筷子的 她這麼做 你吃過燒賣嗎? 有ㄟ.. 你說"有ㄟ"是甚麼意思? 因為我在中國一直都吃燒賣 對吧!媽媽 你去過中國嗎? 我該拿他怎麼辦? 我們要把他放進監獄讓他變聰明嗎? 好的!當然我們要這作 特別是你講中文 誰會講中文? 他真的知道ㄟ 挖!裡面有巧克力 那是甚麼? 不 那是甚麼? 那是肉嗎?? 沒錯,裡面是肉 等一下 等一下 等一下 為什麼你不把他們分成一半? 把它分開成一半 是一種屎嗎? 你覺得不會用筷子的人是怎樣的? 我覺得不是好事,但我希望他們有天可以學會 如果他們問我要不要教他們 我不教 我們現在可以睜開眼睛了嗎? 可以 喔…. 看起來好糟 我現在要吃紙嗎 媽 你記得這是甚麼嗎? 是米ㄟ 還有肉 你說是竹子 對吧 竹子的葉子 […]

Building A Dirty Kitchen Iloilo Philippines

we're getting ready to start building a dirty kitchen now a dirty kitchen that does not mean I need to hire a new housekeeper that's just what they call the outdoor kitchen here so we're not sure what size we're going to make the dirty kitchen I think it should be three quarters of that […]

Kids Try Frozen Desserts From Around The World | Kids Try | Cut

I usually make a huge mess oh man I made a mess these are that is all we're gonna do frozen desserts seriously I hope I don't get a cold from the cold food I can't say anything if you're gonna do it yeah is it even flows in this is mingle yeah mingle have […]