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hey everyone welcome back to my channel my name is rene if you guys are new hi welcome to our channel today's video I'm gonna be sharing with you guys a day in my life but today's day in my life I wanted to do something a little bit different I decided to do a […]

cooking with remi + new furniture!!

hi guys welcome to the log welcome back to LA so if you guys saw my last blog Eli and I and Alicia and TK and a bunch of us went with Sheehan to Anguilla we are back home now and if you guys want to see what we got up to then you should […]

Congri – How to make Congri Cuban cuisine style. -PekisKitchen.

en el encuentro de hoy vamos a hacer un plato típico de la comida tradicional cubana eres famoso con gris que ya es internacional bien cómo se hacen con gris muy sencillo no se asuste porque vea tantos ingredientes cuando lo elabore nos vera que es fácil de realizar vamos a usar laurel cebolla cebolla […]

Smartz ft Shaker The Baker – Freedom (Music Video) | @MixtapeMadness

[Muziek] kussen kwamen bij vrede moeder [Muziek] muziek allebei tribune [Muziek] en die zit dit kan dagen door de stel een rietje weet je uitzetten de politie niet hadden geven in april [Muziek] 2016 over discussies die tony padilla bionica mimei oh my god kijk mix and match friedman ik je nodig en meet some […]


how you doing and welcome to another beautiful day in the life of Kyler and Madison I am Tyler I'm Madison this is Tatum and Oakley going to be baking a cake all by the boss yep we're gonna be helping them out a little bit but mostly we're gonna let them do it all […]


pink berry pink berry and once you breathe come on let's keep dancing the fancy wait very big fairy shop with me let's go to target area fancy everyone happy lunchtime mm-hmm I got my lunch in the up and I made me homie Itza I don't never you drink me a sprite then getting […]


welcome to the blog guys how the heck are you welcome back we are over home it's gray back classic Ohio as well you know I didn't close yesterday Kane has been down since our trip he has been high fever yesterday Brittany went out Simon took the camera we actually did walk a little […]

Ramadan is not for Cooking – Mufti Menk

you have your daughter-in-law every day you bring along ten people come on she's a human being make it once twice that's it every eat the same daughter-in-law every Eve it's expected of her to cook for 50 people whenever is she going to have the day to have a need and we blackmail her […]


hazel what's up in the sky good morning everyone you guys I'm getting completely ready I'm a crumbling here in a really long time so I comb my hair today looking good so we are getting ready yes you guys wish mom good luck today big day today the primary program going down she's heading […]

BEST healthy recipes to lose weight!! cooking with remi

good morning guys happy Monday I am kicking off the vlog I hope you guys had a great weekend I actually blogged a little bit of my weekend it was pride in LA I had like a nice spa day yesterday it was super fun so I've logged a bit of it for you guys […]