Surf and Turf with Dad Chef Alton McCrea | DADS THAT COOK

(soft blues music) – Hey it’s Jason with Dads That Cook, we’re hanging out with Alton McCray today. – Hey, what’s going on everyone? – All right so, Alton, people don’t know who you are. – I come from a small town called Andrews, South Carolina. I’m a Southerner and I’m here in California now […]

Most Famous Roast Duck Recipe | DADS THAT COOK

(gentle guitar) – So what’s happening with the duck, Micheal, what are we doing with it? – This is my mom’s special duck. – So you don’t really want to share this recipe. – Actually I’m not. I’m just gonna- we’re just gonna… – We’re not even gonna talk about it, it’s just gonna come […]

Latino Dad Cook-Off

oh my god oh shit I gotta flip one more ticket and we’re good oh my god I got the came upon a man that’s a lot of flames welcome to the Latino Dodd cook-off 2k 19 baby today we have Yvonne UI and avi L as they face off against each other to create […]

Meal-Sized Pork and Black Bean Burritos | Dollar Meals with Jack Murnighan | Babble

hi I'm Jack Myrna Hannah and this is dollar meals where i show you how to cook delicious food for about a buck a plate today I'm gonna do one of my favorite preparations which is burritos one of the most versatile adaptable and fun to eat foods but the place where people tend to […]