Chris’ Kitchen Part Deux: Space Spinach Strikes Back

Let’s talk about space food. Vegetables are important for your health, and so today I’ve chosen dried spinach. To prepare the spinach, you just attach it to the water distributor, choose the right quantity, and push the button. And it’s like magic: dried spinach, and spinach ready to eat.

What’s in the CSA shares (week of 5-13-19)

Hi everyone, how you doing? I’m Candice. And I’m Daniela. And we’re here on this chilly May morning to show you what’s in the CSA shares. So over here to the Small there is lettuce; different kinds of lettuce: you can see this one it’s kind of almost like a baby lettuce, could I see […]

Organic Sustainable Farming is the Future of Agriculture | The Future of Food

In order for us to live sustainably the structures that meet our basic needs must work towards regeneration rather than consumption and depletion. We wanted to find what alternatives exist to buying food at the supermarket which in their current form encourage destructive farming practices. I’ve been studying sustainable farming systems for over 25 years […]

Community Supported Agriculture: The Benefits of Supporting Local Foods

If you are interested in knowing more about where and how your food is grown and produced, and you also want the best for you and your family, then you are probably interested in local foods. Keeping it local benefits not only you, but also the community. You’ll get a chance to meet the people […]

Chris Hadfield’s Space Kitchen

Let’s talk about space food. In the early days of space exploration, food was mostly squeezed out of tubes and brought up in dehydrated packets. But today we can have quite a variety of food. There’s all sorts of things that we normally consume on Earth that we have here in space. We just need […]

Chris’ Kitchen: Dessert in Space

I’ve already ate lunch so let’s have desert. Let’s see. I chose “Chocolate Pudding Cake”. So the way of preparing this, you push all the cake down, all to one end, carefully cut it open, away from the velcro ’cause you want to keep your velcro for sticking it to the wall. Then, you grab […]

Food tasting

Chris' Kitchen: Dessert in Space

I've already at lunch so let's have dessert let's see I chose chocolate pudding cake so the way you prepare it is pushed all the cake down go to one end carefully cut it open away from the velcro because you want to keep your velcro we're sticking it to the wall then grab your […]

Chris Hadfield's Space Kitchen

let's talk about space food in the early days of space exploration food was mostly squeezed data tubes and brought up the dehydrating packets but today we can have quite a variety of food there's all sorts of things that we'd normally consume on earth that we have here in space he just needs some […]