White Chocolate Mocha – Lynn's Recipes

hi welcome to Lenz recipes today I'm going to make a white chocolate mocha the amounts of the ingredients that you're going to need for this recipe will be listed in the information box below the ingredients are you'll need some freshly brewed espresso or some strong coffee that you've brewed you'll need milk white […]

Crab Linguine Part 2 – Gary Rhodes Cookery Year – BBC Food

it's a tablespoon in there to really show you the color we've got from this wonderful source now it's really sort of a stock but we don't want it too much thicker than that remember I'll just bring it up to the barn and add that little touch of cream let's just complete the sauce […]

Ginger Baker & Fela Kuti: How Two Neurotic Musicians Made The Best Music Nobody Heard

if you've ever gone down the jazz rabbit hole you've definitely come across Fela Kuti and Ginger Baker two of the most fascinating musicians of the 1970s but what's even more fascinating is that these two men won a revered activists community leader and one-time Nigerian presidential candidate and the other well Ginger Baker had […]

Peaches and Cream – 2 Ways – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishescomm with peaches and cream that's right i'm gonna show you how to make whatmight be the ultimate summer dessert but that's not alli'm also going to show you how not to make it since even though this recipe isperfect as is it needed absolutely no improvement iattempted […]

Offworld Cookery – 4th Of July

fourth of July yeehaw fuck you cousin in the cock hole it's the fourth of July American special that's right today our terrible cookery shit sees these two assholes serving up a selection of classic dishes from one of the more successful colonies and so it was time to see what was inside Paul's fanny […]