ULTIMATE Cajun / Creole Food Tour of New Orleans | 6 POUND Crawfish Boil!

You guys ready for this? Now I’m in New Orleans Right now I’m in New Orleans. I’ve been here once before. Never went food exploring, never went on a ‘ghost run’ I feel like I haven’t even been here What’s wrong me. But today we’re gonna change all that, food adventure, New Orleans edition. Right […]

The Crawfish Boil Combining Cajun and Vietnamese Cooking Techniques — Cooking in America

(hip-hop music) – Ever watch a Chris Brown video, it takes him like five minutes to walk to like right there. What surprised me the most about Houston is its diversity. It’s just as diverse as New York, but with that southern hospitality. In the late 70’s, Vietnamese refugees made their way over to Houston. […]

Art Cooking: Salvador Dali | The Art Assignment | PBS Digital Studios

[MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Throughout history, food has served subject matter, inspiration, and, of course, sustenance for artists. Food has also been the art on a number of occasions. Today, we are exploring the gastronomic adventures of a most distinctive, distinguished, and delightfully deranged artist, known around the world by just two syllables, Dali. We’re working […]

Catch n’ Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!

What is going on guys I hope you guys having a great day How about we go do some fishing check this out. There’s this beautiful river here. This river is Full of trout the water is clear Crawdads should be out It’s a warm day today, but not too hot which usually means the […]

Lobster Tail and Lionfish Ceviche {Catch Clean Cook} Gourmet Tasty Tuesday!!!

well what the heck everybody watching dear me for dinner my name is Robert Arrington and today we're in my hometown Jupiter Florida me and my my buddy John McRoberts were heading out offshore we're gonna try to catch some lobsters spear some lionfish and catch a mutton snapper it's a beautiful day and I'm […]

Alligator recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

欢迎光临BBQPitBoys.com 今天我们要用烤炉做的是烤鳄鱼 做起来很简单的 我们这儿有一条 剥好皮清洁好的 5英尺长短吻鳄 这个大小最适合车尾门烤肉了 餐馆大餐 或者在你家后院烧烤 都是很不错 你真得试试看 接下来 我们首先要干的 就是做一些抹料 卡津和克里奥风味调料 来一点红彩椒粉 一些洋葱粉 蒜粉 牛至 罗勒 来我们的网站 你就能搞到所有的配料 以及这种涂抹酱的制作方法 相当好吃 好的 我们搞了一些现抓的鯛鱼 这些也放到烤炉上 接下来 切一些洋葱 这是三位一体 还要用一些胡萝卜和芹菜 柿子椒 以及类似的蔬菜 我们要切一些蔬菜 因为我们接下来要做的是玉米面包填馅 这个填料里面 我们要加入一些辣熏肠 还要放入一些小龙虾 就像这样 炒一下 炒菜你肯定懂的 Man 你能闻到吗? 闻起来就是个Guuud! 我们要往锅里加入一些 路易斯安那小龙虾公司的辣酱 Man 想多辣都随你 没有什么比得上在烤肉根据地 和朋友一起 做一些好吃的 Man 如果你没尝试过烤鳄鱼 你真得试试看 好的 […]

Catch and Cook CRAWFISH! Ep16 | How to Cook and Eat CRAWDADS Survival Challenge!


yep and if you don't then it pinches you and you literally die look how big this thing is compared to you Lilly's turkey fryer lobster fish tank big money big lobsters that thing is massive – there's probably more meat inside the joint areas then the freaking like a whole crab I know right […]



these are all blue because they're like please lift up the lid on that pot opening the package Oh oh my god that is amazing it's you know check it out guys it is a literal blue lobster and it's a hundred percent alive look at it look a feeling to me it's a lot […]