7 Best Amazon Kitchen Appliances Of 2020

you whether you’re washing fruits and vegetables are draining pasta for your next feast the oXXO stainless steel calendars are quick to drain and elegantly finished these calendars feature perforated stainless steel bodies that allow for straining even the finest pastas and greens but also effectively drain fruits and vegetables the soft non-slip elevated handles […]

Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test #2

it’s not working why hello everybody this is Nietzsche and subtlety and we’re back for another 100 yen store kitchen gadget review the last time we did this one we had a lot of people saying please do it again this is why we are back with another one today we bought every stuff from […]

10 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

Want to up your game in the kitchen? If the answer to this question is, “Yes!”, you may want to invest in some of these innovative kitchen tools. When you boost efficiency and ease with these kitchen implements, you’ll feel totally in control, like a celebrity chef. While you may not want to fork over […]

5 Weird Dreamfarm Kitchen Gadgets: Tested and Ranked!

Garject, Clongs, Supoon, Smood, Lavoons. Today I’m reviewing these five strange products from Dreamfarm. I’m James White and this is Freakin’ Reviews. Now I first heard of Dreamfarm a few months ago when I did some pizza cutters. I compared items like this cool Star Trek pizza cutter and this one called Scizza from Dreamfarm. […]

Cool Inventions Your Kitchen Doesn’t Need

– [Narrator] Thanks to technology, the pace of modern inventions is breathtaking, leaving many of us in awe and thinking, “What will they think of next?” Unfortunately, some do the exact opposite, and instead make us think, “What the heck were they thinking?” The kitchen isn’t immune to such bizarre gimmickry. Brace yourself for the […]

6 Fun Kitchen Gadgets

1: Apple Peeler Alright, so this fun device, you just take your apple and you press it down onto the spiky bits and then you just start turning the level and the knife will auto-adjust and cut the peel away from the apple just like this, or if you happen to have a round potato […]

Is the Instant Pot Worth It? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Today we are testing the popular Instant Pot versus your traditional pressure cooker. The one thing about pressurizing food is it’s quick, but it doesn’t really develop the flavors as much as a slow-cooking method. So compared to your basic pressure cooker, which is just a pot, the lid that pressurizes, you’re using it […]

Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test #12

[Music] what’s up guys this is Shinichi and suppose you welcome back it is Saturday which means it is time for another random video today we’re going back to Daiso goods but today’s a very special video because all the products that we’re going to be introducing or talking about today is good for the […]

10 Kitchen Gadgets Put To the Test #01