Afghani Fateer Piyazi Recipe • Cooking with Asifa | فطیر ورقی پیازی

Afghani Fateer Piyazi Recipe | فطیر ورقی پیازی

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Okay, now we’re gonna add 1/8th of ground ginger… Take your filling and place it diagonally on… the… wrapper and… then fold it into this shape. So we’re gonna make sure it’s at 190… before we start cooling it down.

30+ Unusual Cooking Tricks Even Pros Don’t Know

For most people, cooking is a tedious task, and cooking well seems undoable and intimidating. But that’s only unless you know several cooking tricks that can turn you into a real foodie! Some of these tricks may seem bizarre or downright crazy at first, but once you try them, you won’t believe you used to […]

Serving McDonalds to food experts?

Hi there, thank you for tuning in to Lifehunters, My name is Sacha, My name is Cedrique, and today we’ll be visiting the annual food convention in Houten to serve our top of the notch recipes from our high end restaurant to some food experts. The only problem is, we don’t actually own a restaurant, […]

6 Insane Kitchen Tricks

6 crazy cooking tricks 1: Blowtorch Bottle Opener For this trick let’s assume you can’t find your bottle opener, but you do happen to find your blowtorch, well just take it and turn it on and aim it at the little air gap in between the cork and the wine and what will happen is […]

Ernie Cooks Cupcakes | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Do you have to crack up the eggs? – You do have to crack the eggs. Do you remember how to crack em? – Yeah. – Mmm. – See. – Honestly, that was pretty good. (upbeat music) – Hi everyone, I’m Ernie, eating a gummy worm. – What are we making today, Ernie? (Ernie […]

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How to Make a Banana Swirl

So today I’m gonna make a banana swirl smoothie. But first you’re gonna get two bananas. Peel them up. And make sure you have a bowl for the peels to go in. Then put the bananas in and after you get both of those Put the bananas in the freezer But I’m still peeling mine […]