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Gordon Ramsay’s Top 10 Famous Dishes

Most people who know Gordon Ramsay, know him as the angry chef who yells at people, swears a lot and is never happy with anything. But Gordon Ramsay is actually a really friendly guy with a real passion for food. All he wants to do is teach people how to make better food on their […]

A Giant Salad! | Ernie Cooks | HiHo Kids

– Well, so we’re gonna put in this… ♪ Patty cake, patty cake baker’s man ♪ ♪ bake me a salad as fast as you can ♪ (bouncy, bass thumping beat) Welcome to Ernie Cooks, and we’re gonna make a giant salad, that looks like any food. – So you wana use spinach?. Do you […]

Vegan Pasta Salad with Homemade Italian Dressing

hey guys today on Know Your Produce we’re making vegan pasta salad. To get started I actually like to make my own homemade Italian dressing but you could use store-bought if you prefer I just like to know what’s in my food and it’s super simple you probably have all the ingredients. So we add […]

Venison Denver Leg Carpaccio by Chef Tamara Stanger

This is the venison Denver leg carpaccio. It is plated on the White Cloud Terre by Fortessa. To make this dish, I crust the outside of the venison with ash that I make from burning juniper, onion skin, corn husk, and different things. So that coats the outside of the venison, and then I hard […]


Deli Style Tuna Pasta Salad

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode of Laura in the Kitchen, I’m going to share with you a real, I’m going to say Classic, it’s a real classic deli style tuna pasta salad, it’s like the mayo version of the tuna pasta salad, now I have a tuna – an Italian tuna […]

Making China’s MOST FAMOUS Street Food | Ultimate Cooking Challenge Ep.1

What’s up CantoMando squad. Welcome to the ultimate cooking challenge episode 1. The way the game works is I’ll be shooting a dart at a map, and Mike and Sheldon will have to make a food from wherever it lands. They’ll buy the ingredients, then they’ll make the same dish with their own unique aspects […]

Mini Chicken Tikka Pizza | Homemade Pizza Recipe by Cooking with Asifa

To make dough, Add warm milk (3/4 cup) salt (1/2 tsp) Sugar (1 tbsp) Yeast (1 tbsp) Mix it & set aside in air tight place. In a big bowl, add all purpose flour (2 cup) add half beated egg Yogurt (1 tbsp) add yeast mixture in it. While kneading add olive oil (3 tbsp) […]

Food Bites: Nepalese cuisine meets America

As really, when I started, you know, this kind of job, I took back myself to home; when my grandmother, mother and then my sister they used to cook for the whole family. I had been watching them. What they cook for. What they put in the food. Or how they served it. I’m from […]