Cooking with Us – e02 – Salsa

Hi, and welcome to “Cooking at Home With Us.” Today we have a really special guest, my best friend Peter, who is joining us from New York, who actually surprised me by coming in yesterday, unbeknownst to me. And today he’s gonna show us how to make his famous salsa. It’s easy and it’s fun. […]

Vegan Bacon HD

Today on Whirled Peas Kitchen we’re making bacon — out of eggplant. This does not look like bacon… but this does. How to go from this, to this [crunch]. Raw vegan eggplant bacon, that’s what we’re makin’ today on Whirled Peas Kitchen. Let’s be clear. It does not matter whether this tastes exactly like cured […]

Filipino Cuisine: Ginisang Upo – Pagkaing Pinoy (In Tagon-on and English)

Hi! This is Chef Rafi and Welcome to my show! Happy Birthday Chef Rafi! How are you? I’m Lincoln Peirce of the Big Nate Books and I’m wishing you a Happy Birthday! Today I’m cooking one of my favorite vegetables called “upo”. Upo also means ‘to sit down’ in the Philippines. Upo! We’re filming this […]

Tex-Mex Cuisine | BEST-EVER CHICKEN QUESADILLA | How To Feed a Loon

Ty The Pie Guy: Kids + Comedy + Cooking = Fun!

1 2 3 Hi, I’m Ty the Pie Guy. And I’m here to teach you how to cook delicious and nutritious meals at home. I know cooking can be scary. And some foods are gross. But I want to make spending time in the kitchen an activity that everyone can enjoy. Each episode my friends […]

Italian Cuisine | BEST-EVER PASTA POMODORO | How To Feed a Loon

Cubie & Cubette’s Cooking Club – Cooking & Baking Terms Explained

Yay! I’m Cubie, and I’m Cubette! Welcome to our cooking club, where kids learn to cook! It’s tasty, made cooking terms! I’m Mrs.Mixer, and you can use me to beat. One minute with me is the same as 150 sweeping strokes, if you’re doing it by hand. Very nice! Blending is when you combine several […]

Cooking With Us – e16 – Chimney Cakes

Hi, and … to another cooking with us. Oh you’re baking huh? mhm. We’re gonna try making… or Chimney Cakes. Now if you don’t know anything about chimney cake, basically it originates from the Transylvanian region of Romania, that used to be owned by Hungary… So it’s kind of a Hungarian-Romanian dish, and it’s delicious! […]

Cubie & Cubette’s Cooking Club – How to Make Buttercream Frosting

Yay! I’m Cubie, and I’m Cubette! Welcome to our cooking club, where kids learn to cook! It’s tasty! Made simple! This picture of you looks weird. What picture? Oh, that’s because it’s not of me honey.That’s nana and her mom Really? I smell cupcakes. Hey Christina! Mom, how old are you? Sarah, honestly! Christina, where […]

Cubie & Cubette’s Cooking Club – Kitchen Math Lesson

Yay! I’m Cubie! And I’m Cubette! Welcome to our cooking club, where kids learn to cook. It’s tasty! You can count on it! Mmm nothing beats fresh squeezed lemonade. So good. Okay back to the books ladies, you both have math homework. This reminds me of a math problem we had. It does? Yep. The […]