Eatbook VS KFC Hotblaze Grilled Chicken | Eatbook Cooks | EP 3

No, I’m happy but I so scared that I cried. Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed, put on my right shoe before my left shoe and come to work. I want to try something different. Do you want to try something different? Hey, it’s me again Okay, so in today’s episode, […]

Kid Chef Vs. Adult: Thanksgiving Leftovers Challenge

Can These Chefs Turn This Yeti Drawing Into Real Food? • Tasty

Cutthroat After-Show: Coffee | Cutthroat Kitchen | Food Network

Hi, food fans, and welcome to the “Cutthroat Kitchen” post-show where I, Alton Brown, and the day’s host, in this case, Jet Tila– -Oh. All right, cool. –go over some of the sabotages of the day and maybe perhaps do a little bit of cooking on our own. My first favorite sabotage– and this was […]

Chefs Review 50 SHADES OF CHICKEN Cook Book!!

Home cooks try to use a cookbook from 1914!!

Cooking Tips: How To Make The Perfect Macarons | Season 5 | MASTERCHEF JUNIOR

Tonight, you’re going to have to make us a beautiful box of macarons, delicious almond meringue cookies. They require a huge amount of technical skill to get just right. That smooth, hollow top. That ruffled bottom edge. That rich, thin center layered between buttercream or ganache. It starts with egg whites, a little pinch of […]

I INVENTED A NEW FOOD *cooking with Cameron*

Haha, so I did something I Just admit to something so freaking good and with genius I am the smartest intellectual on this planet My cooking skills are so on point right now. Like I’m so honestly proud of myself. I am so powerful Hi, I just invented a new food you might think it’s […]

Amateur Chef Vs. Professional Chef: Hangover Foods

– What am I gonna make? (burp) Got no idea. (upbeat music) – I’m Kayla, I’m a lifestyle writer at BuzzFeed and I tried to be a cook today. I have some food experience, I know how to make general stuff. I think I can get away with making food that tastes and looks good. […]

Can These Chefs Turn This Ice Queen Drawing Into Real Food?

hi my name is usman I’m five years old and today I’m having two chefs compete to make my dream dish how are you I’m Hannah this is alice ice to meet you ha ha we heard a little secret about you we heard that you might be an ice princess do you know what […]