Prawn Curry Village Flavor ගමේ රසට ඉස්සෝ කිරට හදමු

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Meet Houston Chef Pedro Sanchez

Being a chef is, you know, I like it because it’s about service and you get the instant, you reward people instantly. You see the reaction, you see what dish you created, you create happiness. And I think, food brings everybody together. That’s the passion that I get, like, knowing that you can create something […]

How to dice, slice and chop onions: cooking lesson

Basic skills. How to dice and slice an onion. The way you hold your knife, be confident with it and hold it nearer the blade, if you hold it near the end, you don’t have control. So the action is almost like a sawing action so the tip of your knife doesn’t really leave the […]

Crowdfunding for a Community Kitchen in Brighton

Since 2003, we’ve helped more than 10,000 people to learn to cook, to learn to grow food, to learn to eat a healthier diet and to waste less food. Mainly in community venues, which to be honest weren’t built for this purpose so we’ve had to be really creative. And it’s worked. We’ve had a […]

Kids Cooking | Funny Game For Kids| Make Birthday Cake

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Meet Houston-based Renaissance Chef Thelma Portillo

Since I was a little girl, I saw my mom cooking all the time, and I used to cook with her and everything. I used to get in the kitchen and help her out. And I just knew that’s what I liked to do. That’s what I wanted to do. When I came to the […]

Minsterchef 2019 – Coming Soon!

Welcome to the all new, shiny Malton Cookery School for Minsterchef 2019 with Howarth at Home from Howarth Timber as we get ready for the Malton Food Lovers Festival. Four intrepid Minster FM presenters will battle it out for the title of Minsterchef. Gilly, you’ve set us another challenge. Shall I…? Yeah, go ahead because […]