Dane Cook Gets Candid About the Backlash Against His Act – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

– You do have to reinvent yourself. I remember a therapist telling me that, she’s like everyone in show business you have to – She specifically said you need to reinvent yourself, you know I’ve seen your act. – Dye your hair blonde. – She’s here like you’ve never said a funny thing in your […]

Donnie Baker Blasts NIKE and Broke Dick QB Colin KaeperDICKS for His Latest Dumb Protest!

hey man it's Donnie Baker I'm supposed by now you've heard the news that Capra dick popped off again something about Nikes low tops he's offended who's hanging outside his door he ain't played in two years letting these reporters are taking copious notes from my fucker ain't played in two years why you hanging […]

Donnie Baker Has a Message for Axl Rose and AC/DC…Back in Black Lives Matter!

சிலோன் பரோட்டா செய்முறை விளக்கம் | Samco Hotel Cookery Show | Funnett

ஆட்டுக்கால் பாயா – செய்வது சுலபம் | Samco Hotel Cookery Show | Funnett

Hygiène: dans la cuisine de KFC

la célèbre enseigne de restauration rapide kentucky fried chicken a récemment essuyé des critiques des consommateurs ont porté plainte en cours pour manque d'hygiène la compagnie pick and it propriétaire de la marque à maurice a été contrainte de payer des amendes pour un bout des ongles et un morceau de plastique retrouvé dans ces […]