Dane Cook and Jimmy Compare Embarrassing Headshots

-Welcome back. I’m happy you’re here. How are you feeling? -It’s so good to be back. I feel great. -Yeah. -I feel — You know what? I feel great, but can I just — Can I get right into something that’s been on my mind lately? -Sure, of course. -I’m 47, Jimmy. And — Can […]

Meghan Trainor Cut “Me Too” with Lizzo in the Kitchen

-Congratulations are in order, because you were just announced as a judge on “The Voice UK.” [ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. -So, you are an artist putting out music. And I’m always fascinated by artists that are putting out music because there’s so much — We already talked about music earlier. They’re so […]

Gender Role Reversal | Baker Twins

[Camera Flashing Sounds] Oh look at these fine things! Hey Papi! How’d you get into those Khakis? There’s two of you and one of me! Oh yah! That ass is rock hard! I just wanna grab it! Come here baby! I want that on top of me! You hella fine! What are you doing baby! […]

Kelsey Cook Stand-Up

-Wow. Thank you guys so much. I’m so excited to be in New York City. [ Cheers and applause ] This is amazing. So great to be here. I actually just got back from my high school reunion. [ Light laughter ] Yeah, they asked if I wanted to perform at it. I was like, […]

Food Fake-Outs with Chef Daniel Humm

Ryan Tedder on How Songland Is Like a Cooking Show for Making Music

Tonight Show MasterChef Junior Cook-Off with Gordon Ramsay

Simon Baker and Jimmy Fallon's Mick-Off (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon)

Key & Peele – Yo' Mama Has Health Problems

mr. Lewis thank you for coming in with your associates I know this is hard to hear but we need to make some serious decisions about your mother's health let's be honest she is getting on in years oh yeah okay I see how it is I see how it is well yo mama so […]