– Hi, guys. How’s it hanging? Today is a very exciting day. Not for me, not for you, not really for anyone, except for Moo. Today, I am making my cat her very first, gourmet, home-made meal. (gasping) Thus far, she’s just eaten a bunch a kitty crap. I gotta be honest. Just packaged food, […]

Interdisciplinary team cooks 4000-year old Babylonian stews at NYU event

This is a 3D print of the culinary tablets the three recipes that we’re cooking today are derived from. They come from the Babylonian culinary recipes that are in the Yale Babylonian collection. Almost 4000 years old, these are the oldest recipes ever found. They asked me if I have the recipes, but I should […]

Faculty Focus: Janice Baker

I am an employee of Iowa State University. I teach dance but more than that I teach people rhythmic activities, how to interface with their families in creative and fun ways, how to find new friends through movement games and dance. I’m best known I think for being fun and creative and thinking out of […]

Matt Baker | Voices from the Class of 2017 | Bates College

[a cappella singing] I didn’t expect to come to a college campus and have everybody be so open and willing and very accepting of me as an individual. And the fact that I could be myself really opened up a lot of avenues for me to do what I wanted to do that explore my […]

The Jag Kitchen Food Pantry

So, the Jag Kitchen is a judgment-free environment where students can come who have maybe experienced food insecurity or just need to get by through the day and they can come here for a snack, they can come here for a meal or for some groceries to take home. I have a bunch of kids, […]

32 Questions with George Baker

Aren’t you Josh Parrish? No, that’s just one of my best friends. What are you doing today? Ah I think I’m graduating. What is your degree going be in? My degree is gonna be in Actuarial Science. How are you feeling? A little nervous, a little sad, but a lot of happy. Who came to […]

SVQ Cookery courses at Argyll College

I’m Ewen I’m studying SVQ Level 3 in Professional Cookery. I started cooking from a young age and then I just fell into the industry and that’s me been there ever since. I work in Eeusk in Oban on the North Pier and I’ve been there 6 years. We’re a seafood restaurant so it’s all […]

Baker College: BeMore

Who are you? Think about it. Is who you are now who you were meant to be? At Baker College we want to help you be more. More curious, more productive, more effective, and be more successful at it all. We can help you be more prepared for the future and more inspiring to future […]

John Javier: Hospitality – Certificate III Commercial Cookery (Apprenticeship)

John Javier: I am John Javier. I currently work at Quay restaurant and I’m enrolled at TAFE as an apprentice chef. I work at Quay four days a week and I do one day at TAFE. It really is a perfect combination of work and study. Growing up I wanted to become a chef but […]

Governor Baker on College Affordability & the NEW Commonwealth Commitment

College? How am I gonna afford that? How can you not afford that? You know you need a degree for what you want to do The new Commonwealth Commitment is a smart affordable choice for students If you can go full-time and work hard we’ll lower the cost of your bachelor’s degree by as much […]