5 Spanish Dishes for College Students on a BUDGET

Bienvenidos welcome guys to my channel really quick before we get started don’t forget to pick up your Spain on a Fork t-shirt that way when you’re making these recipes you can look and feel fabulous you will find all this merchandise for sale below this video anyways today we have such a great episode […]

Ep. 6: College Cuisine | Day in the Life at SDState

Hi, my name’s Larry. Okay, so I’m kind of disappointed because I was supposed to have a package in the mail earlier today but it’s not processed yet, so yeah, don’t have anything to do because my box isn’t here yet. But I have class again, so uh, I’m gonna put this bad boy away […]

Chicken Wings with Potatoes recipe / 燒雞翅土豆

hi everyone today I'm going to cook chicken and potatoes this recipe is very simple everyone can make eight Carter the chicken wings into three pieces Sabrina Cozart and myself for about two minutes maintained tries to for about ten minutes cut the potatoes into medium sized pieces further the cooking all your unit pain […]