How to Make the Best Brownies From a Boxed Mix | Food Hacks with Claire

– Some pieces are a little bigger than the others. That’s okay, those are for me. (cheerful music) Box mix brownies are the best brownies around. They always bake up all shiny on the top, chewy and crispy on the edges, and fudgey in the center. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to get […]

Baristas Rank Fast Food Coffee

EXTRA LARGE BASKET for La Pavoni ☆ エクストララージバスケット

This is the original portafilter and single basket that come with La Pavoni. This is the double basket. I bought this bottomless portafilter a long time ago. I’ve been using it just like this. This time, I bought 20g basket. and I was going to use it. But it didn’t fit to the bottomless portafilter […]

(ENG) VLOG | A Day In My Life: Peanut Coffee and Bibimbap (Home Cooking) | Bestty

While waiting for it to render, I work out a little bit and take a shower. It’s been such a long time that it wasn’t sunny like this. Today I’ll make bibimbap. The part I like most: Decorate the bibimbap! Practise writing Chinese… Then go to class.

The Secret Ingredient You Should Be Using In Spaghetti Sauce

Cracking open a jar of marinara sauce and throwing a pack of spaghetti into a pot of boiling water is one of the easiest ways to make a meal during a busy work week, but sometimes the jarred sauce coating your pasta is lacking in flavor. Even a batch of homemade sauce you’ve spent hours […]

Making Cowboy Coffee With a Spin / Kauboi ehk pätikohv – Easy Outdoors Cooking

Hello fellow outdoorsies today, we are making cowboy coffee. Yah First bring the water to boil, obviously. Pätikohvi tegemiseks lase kõigepealt vesi keema. And how much water? About 8 ounces of water for each cup for coffee you make Seejärel lisa kohvipuru. Kaks lusikatäit iga tassi kohta. Once the water is boiling, remove the pot […]

Quick & Easy Tiramisu | Antonio Carluccio

Welcome to my kitchen in London It’s Antonio Carluccio speaking to you I want to show you how to make the dish that I’ve accompanied all of my life It is called Tiramisu and is well known by now and the translation means ‘lift me up it’s a wonderful day’ Tiramisu, this is vey simple […]

Steven And Andrew React To The 10 Most Expensive ‘Worth It’ Foods

all right we’re back for another episode of the worth it watches worth it show we don’t have a name yet we’re workshopping some things yes Adams behind the camera he’s gonna tell us what we’re watching today okay number ten now let’s kick this off handy Oh number ten is the custom candy from […]

Cleaning Espresso Machine with Citric Acid ☆ エスプレッソマシンをクエン酸洗浄してみた!

It’s got hot enough. Pull the lever up and run hot water through. The water flow hasn’t been great lately. So, today… I bought citric acid, so let’s clean La Pavoni with this. Okay. This lid is too tight all the time. So I always use a jaw opener to loosen it. pour water. How […]

HOW TO MAKE CHOCOLATE BLOCKS How To Cook That Ann Reardon (Caramel & S’mores)

Welcome to How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and today we are making these beautiful filled chocolate blocks using simple things that you have at home. We’ve got s’mores, rosemary and almond, orange caramel and coffee caramel. To make the s’mores block you need chocolate – and it needs to be tempered – marshmallows, […]