Our favorite Malaysian Food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia eating Peranakan cuisine (Nyonya Laksa 叻沙 喇沙)

Alright guys, for today’s lunch we’re at the Central Market here in Kuala Lumpur and we’re going to be trying something that is called Peranakan Cuisine or Nyonya Cuisine. And basically this is a combination of Chinese and Malay ingredients and cooking styles and it is the type of food that you’d be able to […]

3 Creamy Popsicles – You Suck at Cooking (episode 90)

[robotic hand noises] If you like popsicles and you like things that come in the shape of a popsicle… …then you’ll *definitely* like popsicles. ♪♫You suck at cooking♪♫ ♫♪Yeah, you totally suck♫♪ The first popsicle we’re gonna make is the pineapplecocohoneynutsicle. We’re gonna take a coconut and we’ll just… [coconut rolling noises] [THUD] …grab that […]

How to make Vegan Coconut Ice Cream Floats! Stump Kitchen 48

[Ethan screams] [Callie laughs] [theme music] STUMP KITCHEN, STUMP KITCHEN GLUTEN-FREE, VEGAN EATS AND STUMPTASTIC TREATS! [Callie] Welcome to Stump Kitchen! [Alexis] We all shrunk! We’re all babies today! [Callie] Hey I’m nine years old again! [Alexis] I’m older than that. I’m so excited to have Ethan and Callie back! So we’re all wearing onesies […]

COCONUT MILK: Everything You Need to Know – Hot Thai Kitchen

(light music) – Sawaddee Ka. Welcome to Hot Thai Kitchen. Today I am doing a video to hopefully answer all the questions you have about coconut milk. It’s a crucial ingredient in Thai cooking, and I get a ton of questions about it. And I’m going to be doing videos like this on other ingredients […]

Mutton Biryani | Pressure Cooker Mutton Biryani

hello viewers welcome to home cooking with me he massive the money on today's recipe is a very special shouting in pressure cooker mutton vide Ani now the tum biryani itself makes all of us drool so let's not wait let's see how this is made so here I have about 1 kilo of mutton […]

Filipino Pork Adobo w/ Pineapple – Pai's Kitchen | Filipino Recipe

The Plant Paradox Cookbook: Recipe Sneak Peek

now I'm not going to share every single recipe from the plant paradox cookbook with you online so you should definitely check it out for yourselves but because so many of my subscribers loved my carrot cake muffin video I figured I'd share just one more recipe from the book today now the last one […]