All American Lemonade

(upbeat jazzy music) – Let’s have an All American Lemonade. We’re gonna add Tito’s Handmade Vodka to some good, fresh lemonade. Or lemonade you’d buy from your local store. And then we’re gonna customize however you see fit. I’m gonna start with an ounce and a 1/2 of Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Pour it right in […]

Tito’s Martini

(upbeat jazzy music) – Let’s talk about the martini. Now, for the past 100 years, you’ve seen thousands of variations on a martini. You’ve seen ’em with fruit juice, with chocolate, with coffee, with all kinds of different flavors. We’re gonna talk about the classic martini. The classic martini has two ingredients: Either vodka or […]

Classic Gimlet

(music) – One of my all-time favorite cocktails is the classic gimlet. Today, we’re going to make a Tito’s Classic Gimlet. We need fresh squeezed lime juice. We need simple syrup. We need Tito’s and ice. That’s all. I’m gonna start with fresh squeezed lime juice, and I’m gonna use one ounce. Then to balance […]

1915 El Presidente Vs. 1929 El Presidente Cocktail || Glen & Friends Cooking

welcome friends welcome back to after dark and today we’re going to do a cocktail called El Presidente and we’re gonna do it two ways the first way we’re going to do it is as it was published in 1915 in a cocktail Manuel in Havana we start it with some orange liqueur we give […]

X-mas Dinner – Cooking for Friends – Full Episode

we’re planning a dinner for I don’t know eleven twelve people for tonight it’s gonna be bit different than the last minutes which is the Olivier is not only helping me he is taking over quite a few of the dishes we didn’t draw it out yet but I’m gonna draw it out later because […]

[블루하와이]이게 블루하와이라고? 난 인정못함!/how to make blue hawaii cocktail

Coconut is too strong… This is just a coconut. Well, you’re being severely criticized. No, it’s not harsh criticism. It’s not a harsh criticism. It’s just that these two are too much. I don’t think it’s like that. Just the same name? That’s right. That’s it. It’s so different. It’s similar in color. Only color […]

[블루하와이]트로피칼 대표 칵테일 클래식 레시피 버전!/how to make blue hawaii

How does it taste? I told you earlier. It’s an international flavor. And it doesn’t fit me. I’m a country eater. Okay, today’s Yossa’s TV New Face He’s a very close brother. Well, he couldn’t come out for a reason. Peach couldn’t come out today because he’s in a bad shape. instead of today I […]

Taffer Livid With Disgusting, Dangerous Kitchen – Bar Rescue, Season 5

I’m gonna go in. All we need is that po’ boy. Man: It takes about 30 minutes for our food.So what did we order that we didn’t get? – The po’ boy. – Have you been in that kitchen? At some point, yes. Is it clean back there? He’s not using gloves. He’s not washing […]

Binging with Babish: It’s Always Sunny Special Part II

This is incredible you like it It’s such a relief because I work so hard on it. I call it Mac’s famous mac and cheese. I like to recommend to our first-timers our signature cocktail Caribbean paradise, some people say it’s better than bustin a n*t Excuse me. Hey, I got a piping hot grill […]

Cocktail boisson Detox rapide et super bon Monsieur Cuisine Plus / Thermomix

Bienvenue sur Grain de Sel Recette aujourd’hui avec l’arrivée des beaux jours nous allons faire un cocktail détox, pour cela il nous faut une pomme et demie un kiwi, une belle tranche d’ananas frais, une cuillère à café de baies de genièvre une cuillère à café de cardamome et un bouquet de menthe fraîche donc […]