JALEBI CHALLENGE | #Recipe #Swiggy #Anaysa #ShrutiArjunAnand #CookWithNisha

Last time I did Roti Making Challenge which you all liked the most we all loved hot served Jalebi in Winters so here I am today with an awesome Jalebi Challenge Jalebi bater of flowing consistency is ready here for the challenge Ghee is heated and sugar syrup too is ready so first she will […]

Cleaning Routine – Kitchen – Speed Cleaning – Video #1 of many

Hi everyone, this is my kitchen. You can see it is very messy and unclean. The sides are all covered with stuff. I have got the rice cooker on top of the cooker. Stuff to go in recycling. Stuff on the floor. Icky Icky. This is probably the worst bit. All the washing up which […]

Febreze for dishes | 22 Minutes

Honey, don’t forget it’s your turn to do the dishes. Mmhmm. I’m serious. The kitchen’s starting to smell. [voiceover] Tired of the hassle of cleaning up after meals? Introducing new Febreze for dishes. It’s patented formula eliminates odors associated with stuck on food and grease, leaving your dishes smelling clean enough to eat off of. […]

How to Install a Kitchen Soap/Lotion Dispenser

Hi, this is Carolyn from PlumbingSupply.com, and today we’re going to show you how to do one of the easiest kitchen upgrades you can possibly do. This is a kitchen soap and lotion dispenser. I used to think these were really fancy, I’d go to people’s houses and they’d have them in their sinks, I […]

How to Wash Dishes : How to Fill the Sink for Washing Dishes

Hi, this is Grace Fitzpatrick here on behalf of Expert Village. You have caught me in the middle of filling up the sink with a little bit of water. I’m going to show you how when you have just about half inch of water in the bottom of your sink. It can be a lot […]

How to Wash Dishes By Hand

Hi there, I’m Angela Brown in this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Today’s question comes from a college student who just found out that the college dorm he’s going to, does not have […]


[Music] Cayla and welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be Christmas recipes for lazy mom’s I’m gonna have four different recipes for you three of them are like appetizers and then the other one is a dessert these are all recipes that look like they take a lot of time and […]

Diwali Cleaning Tips | Diwali Mein Kitchen Ki Safai Kaise Kare (English Subtitle)

In todays video i am going to share diwali special kitchen deep cleaning routine. before starting a quick reminder if you have already subscribed do not forget to click the bell to get notified about every new video before starting kitchen deep cleaning i want to share few tips with you try to clean the […]

How to Wash Dishes : How to Conserve Water when Washing Dishes

Hi! This is Grace Fitzpatrick here for Expert Village and I am going to talk to you about conserving the water when doing dishes by hand. It is good to think about conserving water because when doing dishes by hand, a lot of people think that they need more water than they actually need. One […]

Dishwashers: “The craziest are always going to be in the dish pit” | Dish Pigs

[bell dings] Danny: I love that whole world of the kitchen; it’s like no other. It’s like this community of rejects, and uh, the craziest are always going to be in the dish pit. ♪♪ A kitchen is all about timing. A dishwasher needs to be on top of his game. It’s crucial; we can’t […]