Catch, Cook, Eat! BLUE CRABS!! How To Catch & Eat Crabs!

all right today we're going to be taking all these crap awesome you're going to be buying chicken next and go crabbing so basically if you guys want to see what we're using right quick this is called a crab pot so basically this local farm it opens up here and you can put your […]


fancy you first thing that goes always the chocolate I want you to get big scoop of melon it's Wow okay nevermind it's better keeping the chocolate on the lid what flavor is it lemon good you know me man me whoa excuse me walking right out there Chippendale oh my gosh you guys long […]

1996 Disney Toy Story set of 5 McDonalds Happy Meal Kids Movie Toys w/Boxes Video Review

what's going on everyone fast-food Toya views here today we have Walt Disney's Toy Story that's right five different toys released by McDonald's back in 1996 now this is the imported set from Europe and this also includes all five different boxes for your Happy Meal set so let's get them opened up and have […]