How to Brine a Turkey ~ Thanksgiving Basics ~ Brining a Turkey ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Hi everyone, I’m Noreen and welcome to my kitchen and today We are going to satisfy what so many of you have asked me to do show you how to brine a turkey This may not look very pretty now, but I’m telling you it’s gonna taste delicious when it’s roasted And I’m just gonna […]

Donal’s Roasted Potato Salad

Happy Christmas FoodTubers Donal here, welcome into my lovely Christmas kitchen I’m in my Christmas jumper, I’ve got Christmas decorations up And now it’s time to make a delicious, Christmas inspired recipe I’m going to make a very tasty, little Christmas potato salad With apples, walnuts, celery it’s kind of like my take on a […]

Pumpkin Pie 18th century cooking with Jas Townsend and Son S5E13

In the last several episodes, we’ve been doing American Holiday recipes from Amelia Simmons’ 1796 cookbook, American Cookery. Today we’re going to be baking a pumpkin pudding, or as we know it, a pumpkin pie. Thanks for joining us today on 18th Century Cooking with James Townsend and Son. You know, when we first read […]

How to Make Delicious Mulled Wine for Christmas | You Can Cook That |

– Hey friends. Is there really a better smell wafting through your house than that of mulled wine? I’m gonna say, “No,” because it’s pretty much a Yankee Candle that you can drink afterwards. I’m about to show you how to make a really simple and really impressive mulled wine to share at your next […]

Cooking with Mariah Carey (And also with Bryan)

(cheerful Christmas music) – Hi and welcome to Cooking with Mariah Carey and also with Bryan. – I’m Bryan. – Today we’re gonna be making Christmas cookies and I’m super excited. – Believe me, we know how to cook. – We have no formal training. – No we don’t but we’re expert cooks. – I […]

How to Pipe Garlands for your Gingerbread House

Hi I’m Mary Gavenda from the decorating room here at Wilton I’m going to show you a technique that can be used to dress up your rooftops of your gingerbread houses and that would be string work we’re going to pipe a few strings on the house we’re using the round tip and the icing […]

I Tried Following A Troom Troom Cooking Tutorial

what did we do wrong we forget to put something in it this makes me a little nervous it’s not the big reveal is this your first gingerbread man this is my first gingerbread man and hopefully my last hi Jarvis I’m YouTube it’s the holidays and the holidays are when you’re supposed to reflect […]


Welcome To How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and it’s that time of year again when we make a gingerbread house. This one has lights and candy inside and plenty of chocolate covering the roof. For the gingerbread itself, you’ll need sugar, milk, ground ginger, cloves, cinnamon, glucose syrup, molasses, bicarb, flour and butter. […]