Star Baker Holiday Week: Vandana Jain | The Great Canadian Baking Show

DAN: This week’s star baker is… Vandana. For the second time in a row. [clapping] VANDANA: Star baker twice! Can’t believe it. I am so shocked right now. [laughs] Yeah. Haven’t absorbed that yet at all. ROCHELLE: Vandana as star baker for the second week in a row is absolutely the right decision. She deserved […]

Sesame Cookie Recipe- คุกกี้สิงคโปร์ – Hot Thai Kitchen

so at behalf welcome to hot Thai kitchen the holiday season is coming up so we are going to do some Christmas baking or New Year baking or whatever it is you celebrate they're basically festive little cookies that are great as gifts we are making Singapore cookies or in Thai cookies syncopal now apparently […]

How To Make A LIGHT UP Christmas Dessert Tower by Joni Kwan | How To Cake It Step By Step

My Best Chocolate Chip Cookies – Crispy & Chewy | Pai's Kitchen

hey everyone welcome to PI skip Chen so for the upcoming holiday season I wanted to give you an edible gift recipe something you could make for family and friends and I thought you know what let's do a cookie recipe those are always appreciated but what should I share and I thought I have […]

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