I don’t want to call him a genius what what does that everybody welcome back to my channel today we got Caleb NAsh Feemster – Jenna Bandy here and we’re gonna switch it up we are very sore we’ve been playing a lot of basketball last couple days I’ve hurt myself again guys so I […]


Salade de lentilles Recette simple et faciles à faire – Cuisine Marocaine 132

Hello Lentil Salad Easy Recipe small bowl lentils tomato + onion chopped coriander salt / pepper / cumin olive oil green pepper grilled diced SPOON lemon juice salt / pepper / cumin SPOON chopped coriander Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting

Simple Omelette Recipe |Omelette Recipe Indian Style| How To Cook Egg Omelette| Basic Cooking Recipe

today we are going to prepare a simple omelette ingredients & quantities are listed in the description box. we need vegetable oil egg chopped cilantro/hara dhania chopped onion chopped green chilli chopped tomato salt red chilli powder turmeric powder. this is homemade. check out my recipe video link on the screen to watch how you […]

Dalma recipe / ଓଡିଆ ଡାଲମା / – famous authentic traditional Odia dish (cuisine of Odisha)

Clean the dal. Here i’ve taken 3 types of dal. You can use 1 too. If u want to prepare with moong dal, then roast before using it. Pumpkin Eggplant Bottle gourd Raw Banana French Beans Snake beans Coccinia – Kunduri Cauliflower Potato Carrot Arbi Pointed gourd Jackfruit Seeds – Panasa manji Tomato Now put […]

🍎 Cooking food from Zelda Breath of the Wild game!

– Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine and today in my kitchen is Josh. – What’s up? – This is so exciting because he actually knows how to cook like real food. – Hey, you know what you’re doing too. We just made a video for my channel and you cooked your pants off. […]

Kid Professional Chef Vs. Adult Chef

– Yeah I’m struggling. It’s like timed and everything is hard. Now I’ve got cayenne on my hand. (laughing) (heavy guitar) – Even though I’m 14 I have been cooking since I was five. But I’ve really been taking it seriously since I was 11. I have a little cooking experience. I can cook a […]