How to make a CHOCOLATE BOWL using a balloon How To Cook That by Ann Reardon

Welcome to How to Cook That .net. I’m Ann Reardon. Today we’re looking at how to make 4 different chocolate bowls using balloons as a mould. We’ll also have 2 other videos looking at how to make them with ice and with a container as a mould. You can click on the channel link above […]

How to Make Edible Dessert Cups | Dessert Ideas | POPSUGAR Cookbook

and press your guests and make your desserts a lot more interesting by putting them in edible sweet cups I'm talking about putting your puddings cakes candies frostings anything and a little edible cup so that the entire thing is your dessert the first one that I want to show you is an ice cream […]

How to Make Chocolate Lace Dessert Cups

hi I'm back Julia sure here today I'm doing a variation of my popular chocolate lace and chocolate doily videos I'm gonna be piping a free-standing chocolate cylinder like the one you see here that's perfect for housing puddings mooses I've got a rice pudding in here you'll see me assemble it later and berries […]