11 Classic Dim Sum Dishes You MUST Try!

So check it out It’s Trevor James I am in Guangzhou China At a very famous dim sum restaurant It’s full of local people All chowin’ down On some of the most amazing looking dim sum So we’re going to order up And try it out Dim sum This is big Dim sum is so […]


Hello friends and not-yet-friends, Jackfruit transforms chickpea salad into the most realistic looking and tasting mock chicken salad. But only if you treat it right! I showed you this in a What I Ate Wednesday video but never made it its own dedicated recipe video. And this vegan chicken salad deserves one! Jackfruit’s flaky texture […]

Most Unique Street Food in China | DEEP China Street Food Tour – XINJIANG

It’s Trevor James I just got into Turpan, China In west Xinjiang province And today, we are going for a full on Uighur, Halal, Muslim Chinese Street Food experience I can’t wait Let’s go check it out When you arrive in Turpan It feels like a whole new world We took the long distance train […]


Hi Sweeties! Guys, I want to introduce you someone today! Here is Li Xiang! But if like us you don’t speak Chinese at all… … you can call him Jason instead! This is the English first name that he has chosen for himself! Ok English speaking sweeties! We are a bit lazy 😉 We won’t […]


Hi. I’m Titli Nihaan. Strange name. Strange name. Even stranger story. And I like to cook simple, classic dishes from all around the world. I cook cakes I cook cakes and chutneys I cook cakes and chutneys and curries and soups and soups and salads and soups and salads and sweets and savouries and savouries […]

Chinese Borrowings #1: Food

Hi everyone, I’m Kay from Wayne State University I’m here to show you some Chinese cognate for foods. Words from English and other Western languages, let’s begin. Let’s start with breakfast foods. Be aware most of these words will have a Chinese twist. A. lot of people around the world like to eat bread for […]

Tomato Egg Noodles, Simple & Iconic Chinese Dish (Chef’s Plate Ep. 9)

Every Chinese family, everybody’s Chinese mother, grandmother and aunt makes a tomato and egg dish. My name is Lucas Sin. I’m 25 years old and I’m a chef at Junzi Kitchen. The dish we’re making today is tomato egg noodles. The first thing you got to do is make a tomato sauce. So the tomato […]

Chinese Street Food Tour in Guilin, China | ENTER NOODLE HEAVEN

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I just got into Guilin, China The land of rice noodles I came here to eat We’re going for a full on street food tour Can’t wait Guilin is China’s most well known tourist destination for it’s incredible natural beauty And when you arrive With thousands of […]

Chinese Food Date with Elkie (CLC) & Minnie (G)I-DLE

Elkie: We are going on a date! Where are we going right now? Elkie: We are going to go get what Ms. Minnie had been craving for… Minnie: DIM SUM! Minnie: Please! Elkie: Why do you want it so bad? Minnie: We wanted to eat at this place since last year but we never got […]

Chinese Street Food Tour in Guangzhou, China | Exotic Seafood, BBQ Pork, and Street Food in China

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James I just got into Guangzhou, China The land of dim sum and barbecue pork I came here to eat And today we are going for a full day of Foodrangin’ feast in Let’s go check it out If you love dim sum And the elegance of finely […]