Sugar/Candy Painting: Chinese Traditional 3D Printing, Amazing Molecular Cuisine | $1 StreetFood #01

maltose Dragon $ 0.7 Flower basket $ 1.4

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– Looking really thick. (crowd chattering) (banging) (instruments banging) All right, check it out guys, it’s Trevor James and Ting. – Hi! – And we are deep in rural Hunan province, making our way to a local Hui Chinese, Muslim Chinese, wedding. (upbeat music) Today we’re bringing you in for a rarely seen occasion, a […]

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So check it out It’s Trevor James And I am in Chengdu, China Right near my home here at the subway I am waiting for my new guests from Couchsurfing They are staying over for the weekend And we are going to have a full on Sichuan street food experience I’m going to take them […]

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