What a REAL Chinese Home Cooked Meal in China Looks Like

I think we should kill the fish first i think, i can see it at least Hallo eNOS, this is vivi here. I’m gonna show you guys what a normal Chinese meal looks like most people might think we can’t go to the supermarket But most people still go to the one market versus they […]

Chinese Food: Eating Sichuan Hot Pot in Chengdu With A Local Girl!

– Okay, so check this out. It’s Trevor James and today I’m with a local friend and we are gonna go for some awesome food. We’re very hungry and I’m gonna give my personal recommendations. (speaking Chinese) Okay. We’re gonna eat. (upbeat music) (speaking Chinese) As requested by many, I’ll be including more locals in […]

EPIC Chinese HOT POT FOOD Tour in Guiyang, CHINA + Local Cuisine | BEST Hot Pot in China 老外吃火锅

Look, you guys that’s how you do a traditional Sichuan HOT POT. this looks amazing jeez..that’s the best Very good Hey guys, guess where we are? we are at a city called Guiyang So Guiyang is pretty much at very central part of China and it’s so green and the sky is so blue this […]

Turkey Street Food 2019 😱 Hamburger, Balaban Kebab, Donut, Coffe 👍 SO YUMMY

Chinese Street Food 2019 👍 So Yummy Chinese cuisine 😘 Amazing Street Food in China

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Chinese STREET FOOD Breakfast Tour in Hangzhou + BULLET TRAIN to Shanghai | Hangzhou, China

these are almost like the slippery ones like good dense piece of pork right in the middle then you have a nice one time and like just slice I'm gonna throw so quick good morning everyone this is David Hoffman from David's been here coming at you from Hangzhou China the T capital of China […]

Chinese Street Food 2019 👍 Rice Cake, Noodles, Drawing Sugar, Peanut Candy 😘 Street Food in China


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