INSANE Chinese Street Food Tour Of Chengdu, China | CRAZY Chinese Street Foods in Sichuan, China!

Taiwanese meatball, loved by local people, materials used│Taiwanese Food│Chunghua cuisine│

Meatball is a street food snack in Taiwan Its name is derived from its appearance The meatball is generally a translucent oblate shape with a diameter of 6~8 cm. It is a translucent meatball made of sweet potato powder or rice flour Inner packaging of pork, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, etc conditioning methods are mostly fried […]

Chinese Street Food – RARE Muslim Wedding in Islamic China + 9 WHOLE LAMB!! NEVER SEEN Before!

– Looking really thick. (crowd chattering) (banging) (instruments banging) All right, check it out guys, it’s Trevor James and Ting. – Hi! – And we are deep in rural Hunan province, making our way to a local Hui Chinese, Muslim Chinese, wedding. (upbeat music) Today we’re bringing you in for a rarely seen occasion, a […]

We Are Surprised – FIRST TIME Trying Hong Kong Food 🇭🇰

oh yeah it’s like oh sorry so this is what I really love and why I like hanging out with locals because he had showed us behind down this alleyway we entered a wet market this is cream everything down to and I know the peanuts they believe that the penis gives it’s like a […]

Chinese Street Food Tour in Sichuan, China | Going DEEP for Spicy Street Food in China

So check it out It’s Trevor James And I am in Chengdu, China Right near my home here at the subway I am waiting for my new guests from Couchsurfing They are staying over for the weekend And we are going to have a full on Sichuan street food experience I’m going to take them […]

Channel Trailer | Pham Bam Kitchen

Hi guys! Welcome to my YouTube channel Pham Bam Kitchen where I’ll be showing you how to make delicious Asian food. When I moved to New York I began to really miss home cooking so I watched a lot of YouTube videos, FaceTimed with my mum and learnt how to make my favourite Asian dishes. […]

Top 5 Delicious Cuisines in China

Today, we are going to talk about five delicious cuisines you have to try when in China Number five is the Hui cuisine from Anhui province. The food is seasoned with fresh herbs, mushrooms, wild berries, bamboo shoots and other wild plants which grow around the famous Yellow Mountain. Specialties from this region of China […]

5 Street Food Dishes You Must Try in Beijing

Beijing, the capital of China, has been around for more than 3,000 years, and its food is as rich as its history. Located in northeastern China, the region is arid, so the food is rich in wheat-based carbs and is heavy on the meat. Here, street food used to actually be sold on the street, […]

【Traveling Taiwan】Heavenly Cuisine in Taipei 101 | Chinese Lesson

Today we’re going to try Four Taiwanese dishes We can learn about a culture from its food and cooking In the art of Chinese cooking Color Aroma Taste Are the three important principles This is why we use sè xiāng wèi jùquán To describe an appetizing and savory dish Meaning The color The aroma And […]