GOD LEVEL Chinese Food With MY FAMILY!!! INSANE Chinese Food Tour With 7 FOOD RANGER FAMILY!

– Alright, check it out guys. This is Trevor James. I am with my family. We’ve got Tseng’s parents and brother. And my parents here, we’re in Guangzhou, China and today is an ultra special occasion. We are gonna be having a Cantonese food adventure. Let’s check it out. (laughing) Get ready for Cantonese food […]

Chinese Street Food Tour in Hangzhou, China | BEST Potstickers in China!

Good morning from beautiful Hangzhou, China It’s Trevor James And I’m at the famous West Lake here Today we’re going for a full on food exploration of this city I’m so pumped Let’s go check it out Hangzhou was first described by Marco Polo As the finest and most luxurious city in the whole world […]

Food Lovers Explore Flushing Queens For Authentic Chinese Cuisine [NFFNM]

-Today, I’m going to link up with my friend Bohan Phoenix, a Chinese rapper who lives in New York City. -Aye, aye! What’s good? -What’s good, baby? -Nice to see you, man. -Bohan is always touring in China and knows tons about Chinese food and ingredients. He’s talked up Flushing forever , as the place […]

Chinese Street Food Tour in Xi’an, China | Street Food in China BEST Noodles

So check this out It’s Trevor James I’m in Xi’an China I came here to eat We’re going for a full on street food exploration of this city I’m so pumped Let’s go check it out Xi’an is packed with cuisine that you’ll fall in love with on your first try You’ll never run out […]

Street Food in China – ULTIMATE $100 Street Food Tour of Guangzhou, China – BEST 27 Street Foods!

– All right, check it out guys. It’s Trevor James, hanging out with Nikki and Nels. They just won the two million subscribers giveaway. Just flew in from LA last night to Guangzhou, China, the land of dim sum and Cantonese food. And today we’re going for a full on Cantonese street food adventure. You […]

Chinese Street Food Tour in Xi’an, China | Street Food in China GOD LEVEL Noodles + SPICY BBQ

– Look at this guys. We just found the ultimate pork roujiamo, wow. This is it right here. Insane. And my mouth is watering just watching this because it is going to be so delicious. Look at that, just stuffed plump. Check it out guys. It’s Trevor James. We are in Xi’an, magical Xi’an. And […]

BOK CHOY in 5 Minutes | Sautéed STYLE | DIY Demonstration

Welcome everyone. Deronda here with foods 101. Today, I’m showing you how to sauté this bok choy vegetable. This is considered a cruciferous vegetable. It’s part of the cabbage family, and it’s high in vitamin C, vitamin K, and vitamin B’s, and magnesium. It’s become a superfood. The Chinese have been cultivating this vegetable for […]

Chinese Food Tour in Yunnan – AMAZING STREET FOOD and Ethnic Feast! | Yunnan, China Day 1

– There’s some very, very interesting dishes that we got, and the anticipation buildup watching them cook all of the dishes in the kitchen, it was breathtaking. You can see the chilies mixed throughout. They added some Sichuan pepper I think. (atmospheric slow pulsating beat music) It’s absolutely spectacular. When you come to Yunnan, when […]

Extreme Chinese Street Food – JACUZZI CHICKEN and Market Tour in Kunming! | Yunnan, China Day 4

– I hope you’re having an amazing day, it’s Mark Wiens. I am in Kunming, which is the biggest city and the capital city of Yunnan province in China and today I’m going to take you on a Chinese street food tour, we’re going to eat some of the local specialties, so I’m excited to […]

Spicy Pork Hand-Pulled Noodles – Marion’s Kitchen

Let’s just have an appreciation moment for those glistening porky spicy noodles. I don’t even know what I can tell you about this one guys. It is epic. These are my Spicy Pork Hand-Pulled Noodles. You guys know we do a lot of noodles on this channel, but I’m going to come right out and […]