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The Bumble Nums Today, the Bumble Nums are going to make Underwater Watermelon salad But what’s the secret ingredient? One big underwater watermelon Just past the orchard by the pond, the Bumble Nums are getting ready to go diving for underwater watermelons There’s Grumble. Yum There’s Humble Yum yum And there’s Stumble Uh…Stumble That’s better […]

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Now let’s meet Jam Jam who’s already busy this morning. (I’ll make some breakfast.) She took out the disposable gloves. (I forgot the disposable hat.) (Pushing) She’s acquired the disposable hat. Hygiene comes first when you cook. You’re the chef today. Sit here. It’s done. She rubs them against each other to separate them. – […]

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Hello, you lovely people. We’re gonna do my classic family lasagne. You’re gonna love it. It’s simple. It’s delicious. Crispy baked topping. You know, beautiful bubbling white sauce. Sweet tomato and meat sauce. Really comforting. Really good value. Great for family use. I’ve written it with my nutrition team, so it’s really nutritious. It’s got […]

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