Old Ghaziabad Night Food Tour I Special Matara Fruit Chaat + Dark Dhaba Chicken Curry I Part 3

In this journey of taste in Ghaziabad, we have come to Railway road Bazaria We will start with Pehelwan Dhaba’s chicken curry. Come with us How old is your shop? It is more than 65 years. First Grandfather used to run it. Then father, uncle ran it. The main items are chicken curry, mutton curry […]

Street Food in Bangladesh -The ULTIMATE Old Dhaka Street Food Tour – Bengali Street Food HEAVEN!

– Alright, check it out guys, it’s Trevor James. ঠিক আছে, দেখুন বন্ধুরা। আমি ট্রেভর জেমস। We just got into deep Old Dhaka. আমরা এইমাত্র পুরাতন ঢাকার একদম গভীরে চলে এসেছি। You can feel the energy here, so magical. আপনারা এখানে একধরণের শক্তি অনুভব করবেন, যা অত্যন্ত মোহনীয়। And today we’re going for a full […]

Spicy Chicken Curry Recipe | Cooking with Dog

Hi, I am Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, let’s season the chicken drumsticks. Sprinkle on the salt, pepper and curry powder. Flip the chicken over and then sprinkle on the salt, pepper and curry powder again. Toss to coat evenly. Next, let’s grate the onions using a food processor. Cut […]

Dhaba Style Chicken Curry ll with English Subtitles ll Cooking with Benazir

In order to make Dhaba Style Chicken curry We will first take a bowl and add in it chicken i have made gashes or slits on the chicken pieces so that the spices penetrate well inside and the chicken is well marinated. Add all these ingredients to the chicken. We will add one table spoon […]

Chicken Katsu Curry Recipe | my virgin kitchen

– Hey everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. Today we are making a chicken Katsu Curry which is not the name of a curry named after a cat called Sue it’s actually, Katusu is Japanese term I think for battering or breadcrumbing things. So not just chicken, […]

Traditional GOWDA & MANGALOREAN Cuisine At Bengaluru Oota Company |Kane Fry |Kaima Unde |Badam Halwa

Pelata Gatti with the Kori Ajadina gravy. Mmmh! Oh I love this combination! I love this pulav, I love the flavours of this pulav! Mmmh! We’re in the heart of Bengaluru, and we are here to partake of a very special culinary experience… … that seeks to emulate what it would feel like to dine […]


Yeah Laughs Shall it stay in that Its irritating so much Bring it on bro …. Raj:come on Venky Alok:Bring it on which fish you want big or small Alok:Bring big one Raj:Its not listening to guruji(Venky) Raj : is the knife sharp enough ? Alok:Super sharp Raj :Hey Kid there is no water here […]

Kardamon Lounge Cookery Demonstration

#MKFM Don’t just dine out… dine out in style, any day of the week at the exquisite Kardamon Lounge open seven days, Kardamon Lounge offers the finest Bangladeshi and Indian cuisine experience the taste sensation yourself with a Wednesday banquet for just £10.95 that’s a starter, main, side dish, rice and naan for just £10.95 […]

Ancient Chicken Recipe for ever by our Grandmother | Delicious Chicken Fry on Tawa Recipe

Fried Chicken Curry Cooking For Another Village Kids – Tasty village food Prepared For Children

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