Action Bronson & Mario Batali: Mr. Wonderful Inspired Cuisine

From Queens. Sure am. I’m Brooklyn all day. That’s right, we right, we connected. Trying to break my arm off. We right, we right here with the you know what. That’s right. Oh. I seen you doin those squats back there! We need to talk after. You know! That’s. That, that’s how you start off […]

How to Make Matty Matheson’s “Guaranteed To Get You Laid” Lasagna

You should never date anyone who doesn’t like lasagna. If you don’t like lasagna, you’re probably an idiot, and you probably vote for people that you shouldn’t vote for. I’m Matty Matheson, the host of Keep it Canada, and you’re in my apartment. Again, to show you how to make lasagna. See all this stuff? […]

Winter is Coming | Carrot Salad | Fishing Kitchen | ASMR Mediterranean

“RIBOLOVAČKA KUHINJA” Blizu do King Lendinga postoji mjesto gdje ni Sersi ne smije zakoračiti sa svojom gardom. Mjesto puno legendarnih priča o čuvenim herojima izgubljenim u potrazi za svojom slavom. Mjesto puno sa nepoznatim, nepredvidljivim i opasnim životinjama. Mjesto gdje je Ludi Kralj bacao svoje žrtve Tu živi samo jedan čovjek koji još nije svijestan […]

Chocolate Brownies (Quick and Easy!) | One Pot Chef

you people are crazy after the chocolate sex cake video I would have thought any of you wanted to see any more chocolate for like a year yet somehow I’ve been receiving messages and emails and comments all asking for more chocolate recipes well you asked for it and you’ve got it it’s chocolate brownies […]

Korean Barbecued Rack of Lamb – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with korean BBQ drak of lamb that’s right before cows and pigs got involved America’s earliest forms a barbecue featured lamb and back then barbecue simply meant wrapping meat and leaves and then cooking it in or near a fire which is pretty much exactly what […]

Cauchemar Au Restau – Le Monde à L’Envers

[Gordon Fucksake] Today, I’m heading to a small city in Paris To shout at yet another family that fucked up again by opening a restaurant without any knowledge in this field. They fucking piss me off, they don’t know where they’re going at all, and we can see that. [Glass breaking] [Roger] Wow, good job […]

Potatoes – You Suck at Cooking (episode 74)

We’ll start by washing a potato under cold tap water. Then we’ll fill a pot with water. It can be cold or hot water. Turn on the stove, place the pot on the burner, then put the potato inside the pot. Putting a lid on the pot will make the water boil more quickly. Once […]

Musakhan Palestinians Chicken Recipe — International Cuisines



G’day, welcome to the simple cooking Channel. Today I’m going to show you how to make a coconut panna cotta with caramel sauce so let’s go. Get a medium sized saucepan and put in just under one butt of sugar and a can of coconut milk which is 400 mils 250 mils of thickened cream […]